BMO Grants Wish of Love Between Mother and Daughter

I think we’ve all daydreamed regularly about wishes we’d make, big and small. Personally, many of my wishes are ways that would enrich my daughters lives. It only goes to say, when there is a chance to fulfill those dreams, I don’t hesitate in doing so.

In fact, I made my eldest daughter’s wish come true this past summer. Isabelle was very much longing to see a dear friend who lives across Canada, as it had been a year since they’d last seen each other in person. They visit often thanks to online conveniences, yet seeing her in person was sometimes all Isabelle talked about. Understandably so, Isabelle very much missed her friends direct company, warm hugs and constant laughs.

So, after discussions with her friends mother and comparing schedules for the last part of summer – I surprised Isabelle with her first solo flight across the country so she could spend a week with her dear friend in Ontario.

My Isabelle’s tears of happiness over her ultimate wish granted was indeed the highlight of our summer. I love her {and her sisters} more than words, and am happy that I could make this opportunity happen for her. Pure love between mother and daughter can move mountains, or skip provinces apparently.

If you could ‘wish it forward’ to your friends, family or community – what would you wish for?

This past summer I introduced my readers to an amazing initiative from BMO in celebration of their 200th anniversary. To thank the masses for their continued support for 200 years, the company has been collecting wishes and have been paying it forward by making wishes come true.

One such wish that BMO granted recently that resonates with me is the wish Charlotte Bedard of Toronto, made for her mother: “I wish for my mom to finally live off her art.”

Charlotte and her mom, Ginette , have a very close mother-daughter relationship. Ginette has always wanted to pursue an art career. As a graduate of the Fine Arts program at Nipissing University in North Bay pottery and painting had always called to her. However, when Charlotte was born, Ginette realized providing for her family was her ultimate priority and had to sacrifice her passion for art in order to raise her daughter.

In recognition of how much her mom had to give up, Charlotte made her wish to pay that love back in the most heartfelt of ways. To grant Charlotte’s wish for her mom, BMO provided a beautiful gallery showing of Ginette’s works and orchestrated a wonderful surprise for Charlotte to share with her mom.

Please watch the story of a wish coming true – it’s definitely a story of unconditional love between Mother and Daughter. My favourite part is when Ginette sees her art hanging in the gallery for the first time, it’s a moment in time that is truly priceless.



For those that would like to help support Ginette’s art, her pieces can be viewed and purchased here:


BMO is still granting wishes, so visit the digital fountain online at to ‘wish it forward’ today. There you can also read other wishes which were made, so many touching requests in wishing it forward. This is such an amazing way for BMO to celebrate their 200th.



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always all opinions are my own.


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