Video of my Twins’ 1st year, by Creatively Yours

I have been so excited to share this video with you, made by Dawn
who is the mastermind behind Creatively Yours.
Here it is, their big screen debut – Katie and Sophia’s First year….


I would like to send ONE HUGE THANK YOU to Dawn
for making this video for me and my family.
She worked very hard to give me a precious video that I (and the entire family) will get to enjoy forever.

I have no skill in making slide shows, and I certainly don’t have the time to try.
The process is straight forward – I sent Dawn some pictures and a song via email. I included a little description of each picture and the ‘vision’ of how I’d like it be, when complete.
Then Dawn does her work (and VERY fast, I have to say).
I was involved in the entire process, and Dawn was so professional and thoughtful for giving me tons of updates on how it was going. Early in the process, I got a short demo, with just a few pictures. This was a great way to see if it was going in the direction I wanted.
When finished, Dawn sends her customers a finished DVD of the slide show. So, you can not only email it to people, you can also put it onto the big screen as well.

I think this video is the most precious keepsake I have for the twins this far. I cried and cried when I first watched it, thinking back on this past year – and thinking ahead to their futures. My family has seen the video as well, and the response has been overwhelming.

I think anyone could use a keepsake video. Kids, parents, grandparents – or even your own life. Perfect for weddings, reunions, retirement, or even to remember and cherish your friendships.
It’s the digital age people! No one looks through photo albums much anymore (mine are collecting dust!). Just think, in another 10 years…kids will be making fun of albums, like we do projectors. I know I have tons of digital pictures on my computer and on CD’s…but that’s about it.
If they aren’t on Facebook or the blog – no one sees them, am I right?
Creatively Yours is such a great resource to preserve the memories!

Here’s more information, about Dawn and her company:
I’ve been doing this for years, for family and friends. I’ve only made it into a business this year. I’m a mother of three beautiful girls and I’ve been married for 8 years. I love what I do, I wouldn’t change anything. Pictures inside of a scrapbook is one thing. Making them move on your television accompanied by music and captions, brings out so many other emotions. I love being able to capture that for people. My slogan is Imagine, Relive, Enjoy
Imagine taking your photos and turning them into a DVD slideshow
Relive those moments captured as you watch them on your television
Enjoy them time and time again with family and friends.
Imagine Relive Enjoy, let’s create something together today!

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own 



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