A Kindergartener No More

~ Last Day Of Kindergarten ~ {don’t judge the capris / socks with sneakers combination – it was Sports Day, but the princess insisted on at least some lace}

It seems like just yesterday that I kissed my sweet baby goodbye as she hopped excitedly onto the big yellow bus. It was her first day of Kindergarten, and though she was overflowing with excitement, this Mom was overcome with sadness. Age 5 seemed too young to venture alone, too young to walk amongst the hallways of a school.

The entire year has passed, and she has grown in academics, personality and character. Though I still see her as my baby, it takes my breath away when I catch glimpses of the little lady that is beneath my favorite freckle which lays on her nose.

I’ll miss home time, when the Twins watched in anticipation at the window, and screamed “Ella!” when they saw her bus coming down the street. I’ll miss racing to the driveway to greet her, and then showering her with kisses {only once we were safely behind closed doors, so her peers would not see}. Those memories I hold dear and close, as I know they’ll never be another Kindergarten for Miss Belle.

Yet I have to admit, I’m liking not having to set the alarm clock, and not making lunches. Yep, I think I’ll be enjoying this summer a ton this year! If only it lasted longer…



  1. Her school gets out late compared to here in Omaha, Nebraska.

    It’s kind of sad closing a chapter of a child’s life, yet opening up a new one is exciting.

    I kind of wish my son was able to go onto kindergarten. His birthday is in August, and he’s still socially awkward. His cousin along with the rest of his preschool class are going moving on to kindergarten. He’s starting to read and ahead academically. I hope he doesn’t get bored. He’ll be the tallest kid in his class I’m sure. I feel bad for him. At least he’ll have the same teachers and will have time to grow socially.

    1. It’s odd, since I spend all day wondering what she’s doing. It’s the protective Momma-Bear that comes out when she’s not with me…

  2. What a cutie. They grow up soooo fast, don’t they?

    I think she looks darling in the outfit she picked out. At least her pants aren’t busy! My 6 year old loves busy tops with busy bottoms. I cringe sometimes, but I let her wear whatever she likes…

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