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They say that a smile is worth a thousand words. Yet, what if you have such crooked teeth, that you hate to give someone a huge and genuine smile? Being sensitive about your teeth can cause you to withdraw in emotion and hide your face, causing social and communicative problems. I know this, because in the above, I just described myself. I have a personal story behind my crooked teeth with overbite {and my daughters’ current dental situation}, and why I am writing this post and sharing Invisalign with you. Take a peek:

What is Invisalign?
Invisalign is a teeth straightening product developed by orthodontists as an alternative to metal braces. Invisalign works to straighten teeth over time, using clear plastic aligners. Unlike awkward and painful metal braces, Invisalign is smooth, comfortable and nearly invisible when they are worn. Some people experience some discomfort when they start a new tray, but I have heard it’s nothing like the pain of having metal braces tightened and adjusted continually.
So, if the thought of getting metal braces causes me and others so much anxiety right now, think of how teenagers feel! Luckily there’s Invisalign for Teens. Adults and teens alike can straighten their teeth over time, using these plastic aligners.

Why Invisalign is the Clear Alternative to Metal Braces:

Like I said in my video, I feel my daughters’ pain and fears and I’d do anything to make her teeth straightening experience easier for her. That’s where Invisalign Teen comes in and provides a clear alternative to metal braces. It’s Invisalign which is specifically made for teens. I have heard never ending stories about food getting stuck in metal braces and all about the painful adjustments. My best friend since childhood had braces. Sure her teeth look great now, but she still recalls what a horrible experience having braces was. In fact, I remember how frustrated and in pain she was at the time. Invisalign helps teens lead a normal life, even while having their teeth straightened. No emergency visits to the dentist for broken wires and less chair time at appointments too. Teens with Invisalign can still partake in sports and play musical instruments, and not lose any of the self-confidence that comes with wearing metal braces. Clearly, there are so many reasons why Invisalign is the top choice in teeth straightening, for teens as well as adults. In short:

  • Invisalign can effectively treat many of the same conditions that used to only require metal braces, even the more complex dental problems that used to require getting metal braces.
  • Invisalign works the same way metal braces do, which is moving teeth by applying pressure over time.
  • In addition to the aesthetic, emotional and convenience benefits of Invisalign, the functional benefits are hard to argue: easy to maintain good oral hygiene, they are comfortable, affordable and safe for active lifestyles.
  • Invisalign is not only great for adults with whom metal is not an option, but Invisalign now has a product specifically developed for teen patients

As for my daughter, I will be asking my Invisalign provider about getting them for her when the time comes. And, for myself, it just may be time to get these teeth straightened! It really bothers me how uncomfortable I am in front of the camera, and I know Invisalign would give me more confidence. In fact, I have already checked on the site and there’s an Invisalign expert right here in my very own small Canadian city!

I was recently browsing the Invisalign website, and my daughter sat down beside me. She looked at the screen, which showed this photo…

After reading the site herself for a few minutes, she said, “Mom, can I get those for braces?” and pointed to the Invisalign image. It was the first time she showed interest in getting her teeth straightened, without any anxiety involved. To me, that’s such a wonderful start. It goes to show that adults or teens don’t have to cringe at the thought of braces, thanks to Invisalign.

Have you or your child gone through any teeth straightening procedure?
Do you know someone that has used Invisalign? Share your stories!


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This is a sponsored post for Invisalign, yet this is 100% my opinion. I have great interest in Invisalign
and am happy to share and discuss with others!



  1. Oh, I’ve wanted invisalign from the first time I’ve heard of it. From what I’ve seen, they produce amazing results.

  2. I have one done with braces, but, I still have two to go. I was really interested in invisalign when I was them at the orthodontist.

  3. Awww….Tammi! I just went back and watched your vlog. {{hugs}}

    Last week going to SCCTO, @kidsumers and I were talking on the train about Canadian bloggers and we both agreed how striking you are. No kidding!!

    1. you are so sweet Pam!!
      We all have something we’d like to change/improve, right?
      Yep, with me it’s my teeth…. kinda hard for me to talk about! But, we need to, right?
      I can only imagine how teens feel. I hope this makes it better for them.

  4. This is something that we need to look into for a few of our kids. One has quite a large overbite and another has crooked teeth. Thanks for this post, I had never heard of Invisalign before…

  5. I always wish my parents had the money to get me braces. They were near bankruptcy the majority of my teenage life. My teeth bug me so bad and especially since I have a HUGE smile, like gums and all show and I can’t help it, I don’t know how to do a lip smile. The problem is when I’m looking back at the pictures — I grunt and groan and hate myself for it.

    I’m going to ask my dentist about this the next time I’m in his office. I can’t afford braces as an adult either, my husband is a pastor and I’m a self-employed, work at home mom of 4. We don’t have extended benefits. Heck, we don’t have benefits!!

    1. I read on the site that they do have payment plans and they seem reasonable, from what I can see. So, that’s an option. I figure, people do it for a couch – why not for something like this that will make such a huge difference!!!

  6. I was seriously thinking of invisalign a few months ago. It all came to the cost at the end. In the states will cost me 75% what it costs here in Canada (I live 30 minutes away from border. Now back where I should get it done for my son.

      1. I don’t have Dental Coverage & need to pay all out from my pocket. I went to a few sites (from their website list). Those places around me will likely go up to $8000 ($6000 for metal brace over 16 years old, $4000 for under).

        Those in Plattsburgh estimate $6000 for invisalige.

        I have 2 kids, the difference in price is sustantial, an arm and a leg. I am planning to make an consultation appointement in Plattsburgh when they both got a ped day on the same day.

  7. oh Tammi, your vlog made me cry! I am incredibly proud of you for sharing this. You are beautiful and in all the years I have known you I have never once thought your teeth diminished your beauty in any way. But I totally know how our own self-consciousness can get in the way of enjoying our life and I hope you get to use invisalign! I hope it works! And also? I am thrilled it exists because it really does look so much better than metal braces.


    1. Thanks so much for your comment Tara!
      You just made my heart smile!! {notice I didn’t say a full on toothy grin? Yep, it sure does affect your entire life!}

  8. Great job, Tammi! My parents didn’t make dental care a priority at all and so when I started my first professional job with benefits I put myself through the process of dental surgeries and braces, a process that was extended because of a pregnancy in the middle of it all. As an adult having to go through the process of braces, I would have preferred Invisalign, but it wasn’t really an option 11-12 years ago, and the braces alternatives at the time were out of my price range even with some orthodontic insurance coverage.

    We have 3 kiddos who will all need some kind of orthodontic work at some point, and as independent business owners, we are already on the verge of being ‘insurance poor’ (LOL!) but orthodontic coverage is hard to come by. I have to say that if Invisalign does what braces do, with the same kind of cost investment, I would seriously consider Invisalign for my tweens and teens, especially since I have a flute player and a soccer player, and metal braces could interfere with both of those activities.

    I have to be honest too, and say, I’m not a mean mom, and I’d do what needs to be done to take care of their teeth, and if all I can afford is braces, then I’ll at least do braces. Since I went through the process of having braces as an adult, I do sympathize with the pains and stigma associated with metal braces. But I also know it’s not the end of the world, and many of my children’s friends already have metal braces. Even with dental surgery and SERIOUS repositioning of my teeth and jaw alignment, it wasn’t the most painful thing in the world. And having gone through that process I appreciate and care for my teeth better than I did before. My husband says the same thing about having gone through braces as a teen – he remembers the tightenings and all the time he spent cleaning, and so he takes good care of his teeth now. Maybe not all teens would take this approach, but that’s the kind of value system instilled already in our home, and I would hope that if all I could offer was braces, it would be enough. I’d rather their teeth be healthy and in proper alignment through the use of braces than not at all.

    Time is also a factor… braces, when done at the right time, can make changes relatively quickly. I would think that Invisalign would be a slower process (maybe not), and I know with teens, getting them to keep up with their retainer after braces is a big enough deal long term, much less having to go in for years and years to keep having adjustments made to the Invisalign trays. Simply getting bored with the process may be an issue. Since it’s removable, it also requires your teen to be cooperative and to use it as prescribed. This may be an issue for some teens. Braces are in place, and do their thing, whether you want them to or not! LOL!

    Again, I’m not a mean mom (REALLY!) and not unsympathetic. I just happen to be feeling very practical and momish this morning. 🙂

    If money was no issue I would gladly pursue the option of Invisalign with my tweens and teens. I’ll investigate this further, as well. I really appreciate the information!!!

    1. Oops, in my already huge novel above, I forgot to mention, my Daughter, and will need braces sooner than later… with her brothers at almost 11 and 9 right on her heels, this could get expensive! LOL!

  9. I have to have canines pulled in from the roof of my mouth with metal braces, but am so lucky that they are allowing me to use invisaline on the bottom – my cousins and aunt have had such great luck with it.

  10. I’m in the middle of straightening my teeth with invisalign right now (was about three months in when I met you at BlogHer) and love them. They take some getting used to, and I’m still a little self-conscious when I smile, but 22 weeks in and the difference in my teeth is really noticeable.

    But it’s not cheap. $5500 all in. Fortunately a chunk of that is covered by our extended medical, or I wouldn’t be doing it at all.

    1. So, you had them in at BlogHer? I didn’t even notice!!!
      How long is your process? Do you know how much metal braces would have costed for you?
      {I know each person is different though, time and money wise}. Yet so curious….

      1. They couldn’t really tell me what the metal braces cost would be – it varies depending on too many factors – but since there’s so much more time in the dentist’s chair for adjustments with metal ones, it was comparable. I’ll have a total of 22 appliances. At two weeks each, that’s 44 weeks. So I’ll be done from start to finish in less than a year.

  11. I think you are stunning. plain and simple. and I’ve never made special notice of anything wacky about your smile….but my heart goes out to you – it’s such a difficult thing when we have something about ourselves that just impacts our confidence.

    My cousin used Invisalign and was thrilled with her experience.

    Hey – I even blogged and linked to your post – I think your video was awesome and totally personal. And I think you rock!!!

    1. You are so kind Hailey, thank you! We all have the little things that we’d love to change. Mine has bothered me forever, and I know my teeth aren’t the worst out there, yet I know they can be a lot better too.
      Send me the link to your blog, I’d love to take a peek!

      1. it’s true…we all have something we’d change. On the upside, if your teeth were *that* horrible, you wouldn’t have to post about it, we’d have all noticed already 😉 But there’s something to be said about being able to make the changes that boost our confidence….and at least it’s just your teeth and not your face! lol (because it’s not…you really are stunning)

        Here’s the link to my post

        so are you going to get invisalign then??? When do you start?

  12. I had them in high school, thankfully didn’t have to wear them long (one year) but they should have left the bottom ones on longer because I didn’t wear my retainer like I should have and I still have one bottom tooth out of alignment with all the others.

    My brother had to wear them for longer, and he could no longer play the trumpet, which really bothered him because it was a three generation thing with his dad and grandfather.

    My son is going to have to have them, his teeth are a nightmare, and his roots are really, really strong so he’s had to have more teeth pulled by dentist than he’s lost on his own, just to make room for new ones coming in.

    I feel for everyone having to deal with braces, the nightmare for me was the pain, I was self-conscious but not teased, which would have been so much worse.

    To this day I can usually tell if someone had braces, they are the ones that inhale sharply after laughing, because we had to in order to suck the extra saliva out of our braces.

  13. Awww Tammi! I know how you feel, I’ve been there. I too had terrible teeth, and was only able to get braces as an adult (when I was able to pay for them myself).

    Tammi – you are beautiful and have a beautiful smile – your true self shines through when you give your genuine smiles, and I love seeing it.

    big eHugs!!


  14. Oh I can agree with you my smile needs work I have a slight gap on my two front teeth. (Think Madonna or Anna Paquin) Now they didn’t get theirs fixed and they have all the money in the world. Yet I think it makes me ugly or goofy looking. I used to shove white gum against my teeth to conceal the gap as a kid. (to be honest I looked more refined and polished with the illusion it was gone). I’ve had kid smake fun of me, guys I crushed on etc. My best friends make comments about it. Every time it hurts.

    I dont smile often either and I hope one day I will be able to have the extra cash to get it fixed!

    But as others have noted you are beautiful and really never seen your teeth to make that any less so. In the end its what you think that matters. So do what makes you happy.

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