A Big Day for my Twin Toddlers

This past week has been very exciting for our household. Isabelle started Grade 2 and the twins also started nursery school! My twin babies are growing too fast for my liking. *sob*

If this is your first time visiting my WW posts,
know that I am anything but Wordless. Ha!

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      1. I know Tammi. I said it as much to remind myself as anything! LOL! But I really do try to enjoy the launch of new seasons and new things with my kiddos. Precious precious time for your girlies for sure!

    1. 8?! Ok – that just seems weird to me, I can’t imagine 8.
      And you survived!! lol

  1. Wow! Nursery school? They are growing up. My daughter just started grade 1 and as a teacher I’ve been looking forward to it but man, do I miss the days when she was in nursery school…

  2. It goes way to fast! I hope they are having a great time 🙂 My daughter started kindergarten this year, so I know how you feel!

  3. That is so precious; a once in a lifetime pic; enjoy every moment; you know already how fast it goes. they are such a sweet pair

  4. I know the feeling! Mica started kindergarten and Isaak preschool. YIKES time flies!

    I love the photo of them holding hands. I bet they are the best of friends and fight a lot to.

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  6. Oh my – i don’t know how I’ll survive once my daughter heads for Kindergarten in another three years. Hopefully I have another baby to keep me busy ;).

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