7 Tips For the Perfect Backyard Campout

Three in five Canadians say they are likely to go camping this summer, according to a recent survey from Energizer. Families with kids are almost twice as likely to plan a camping trip compared to those without kids. While our family loves to camp, I understand why some shy away from it. Taking a summer camping trip, especially with kids in tow, can feel like more work than fun. The shopping, prep-work, packing, travelling, setting up – it’s not just the kids who can have camping meltdowns.

For those who want to camp, and need to take baby steps {or for those that do camp yet can’t get away} – why not have a backyard campout? You don’t need to travel far, pay for an official campsite or free up too much time in the schedule – all you need is some space outdoors, even if it’s steps from your house. 

Backyard campouts include so many elements of traditional camping: Fun outdoor activities, food, gazing at the stars, hearing the nighttime sounds up close, using flashlights and that nice fresh air!

Want to plan a backyard campout with your kids and don’t know where to start?

7 Tips For the Perfect Backyard Campout


Here are 7 Tips for the Perfect Backyard Campout!


Plan Together – Part of the fun of camping is leading up to the event and making the plans. Involve the kids and get their feedback, I’m sure their excitement will lead to some great ideas. Depending on resources available and what you are using for your campout – they can help gather wood if you have a backyard firepit, and even help setting up the tent.

The Comforts of home – The biggest perk of backyard camping is that you are only steps away from the house, so if you ‘forget’ anything, it’s not a worry at all. This is what makes backyard camping so alluring for first-time campers, especially kids. While this doesn’t mean you should run to the house as often as possible, there is the option if needed.

Food Fit for the Event – You’ll need food, snacks and beverages to get through the campout. Using the resources you have, plan a fun and different experience that you wouldn’t have indoors. Hot dogs cooked over a fire pit or taco in a bag – the options are endless. Have seasonal fruit and small plenty of snacks on hand as well. For food and all camping supplies, Walmart is a good choice for one-stop shopping.

backyard campout tips food snacks drink

Bring the essentials – There are lots of camping packing checklists and items to bring along, yet don’t forget the important ones that can make or break the event altogether. Make sure you have sunscreen, bug spray, enough clothing, food and snacks, beverages, a tent, sleeping bags and pillows, comforting items like stuffed animals, toiletries, and flashlights. Don’t forget the essentials sidekicks {which are just as crucial} like a camera to capture the event, wet wipes and Energizer® MAX® batteries for the devices, toys and flashlights.

backyard campout essentials

For safety and fun, Energizer also has headlamps which are a hit with kids. Choose from the following 3:

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Energizer Vision Focus Headlight

  • Three LED headlamp light modes
  • White spot light
  • White flood light
  • Red for night vision
  • Digital light focus and memory recall
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  • Water resistant and drop tested to stand up to harsh conditions
  • Includes 3 AAA Energizer MAX® batteries

Energizer Vision HD Headlight + 2 Pack SKU

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    • White spot light
    • White flood light
    • Spot and flood together
  • Dimmable to control brightness and runtime (only with all LEDs on)
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  • Pivots to direct light where you need it
  • Durable light is water resistant with a shatterproof lens
  • Ideal as hard hat lights for your construction projects
  • Includes 3 AAA Energizer MAX® batteries

energizer headlamp

Daytime Activities – The kids might play in the backyard a lot, so you’ll want some new activities to keep them entertained. You could start with a nature hike around your neighbourhood, have a scavenger hunt, play tag or toss the ball. Pie in the face is popular with the kids right now – set up your own using gummy worms, whipping cream and a foil pie plate. No hands!

Play in the Dark – a huge part of the backyard camping charm is after the sun sets. The stars shine, the air cools, and animals are hard. You could hang a blanket on the fence and set up your own outdoor movie projector. If not, just use a portable DVD player, tablet or even just your laptop. When I was a kid I loved playing flashlight games at nighttime- activities include chase the light, shadow puppets, spooky stories with a lit up face, and simply reading via flashlight.

energizer max backyard campout

Make sure to have plenty of batteries on hand for this! I got some Energizer packs from Walmart for a great price, essential tools needed to keep the family safe in the dark with their wide range of flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns products. For fun games and to aid in middle of the night runs into the house, you’ll need a flashlight for a backyard campout – one for each person preferably. Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ and Energizer® MAX® batteries are two of the longest lasting batteries in devices like handheld GPS, digital cameras, and toys – perfect for when you’re out in the wilderness camping, fishing, or hiking. In fact, they’ll last you for many fun backyard campouts to come, since they also hold their power for up to 10 years while in storage, so you have power when you need it most.

energizer max batteries backyard campout essentials

Go with the Flow – For those that are new to camping {even the seasoned may have a situation}, remember to always go with the flow. Be relaxed with the bedtime schedule, understand that there will be whining at some point, and you might have to take the camp indoors in the middle of the night if there’s a situation. It’s alright, it all makes for a new summertime memory. For those that don’t have a backyard, take note of the last tip and go with the flow – get creative with a campout in your living room, garage or any other place in your home where furniture can be moved around to make space.

Yet the most important tip of all – have a lot of fun!



Disclosure: This is a compensated post, yet as always, all opinions are my own.




  1. My perfect backyard campout would look like lots of light,great games,enjoying the firepit and roasting Marshmellows with ghost stories…..

  2. the whole family will sleep under the stars, play some games, have a bonfire and a guitar

  3. As long as my niece was there, it would be the best! ;). We’d add twinkly lights, a tent, hot dogs, marshmallows, and music!

  4. My camp out would include lots of good food and activities with every one having a blast the whole time.

  5. Mine would be lots of games and food, a fire going some lights strung around, tiki torches going and family to make it all worthwhile!!

  6. Tent with a comfy air mattress, fire pit to roast wieners & marshmallows over, some fun games to play and of course flashlights to play with when it gets dark.

  7. My perfect backyard campout would have a nice n cozy pup tent that would be the perfect size for hubby, myself and our beloved Springer Spaniel to cozy up and drift away to sleep in under the stars. I would need a little more comfort that the hubby and so I would have a small air matress to sleep on (only due to the fact that I’m old and camping just hurts the body compared to when I was younger.) Hubby can just have a blanket (hehehe). We would have a nice little campfire to roast wieners and toast marshmallows. A small cooler is all we would need to have some cool beverages. Oh, yes, and a flashlight because I don’t see too well in the dark. Being true to the outdoor camping experience, if it rained we would not run inside to keep out of the elements! What would be the fun in that.

  8. games, not so scary ghost stories, great snacks, and easy access to the washroom! My kind of camping LOL 🙂

  9. a backyard campout is the only one I ever had. Of all the things, i think we picked the coldest night of the summer. At least it wasn’t windy and rainy. I wonder what my nieces would do. We’d be up most of the night, i’m sure.

  10. I’d like to cook dinner over the campfire, including s’mores and then sleep in our tent.

  11. My perfect backyard camp out would be the hubby sleeping outside in the tent while I’m in the house, lol! I would join them outside for fun and snacks before bed.

  12. My perfect backyard campout would have a tent, flashlights, comfy bedding! My kids love to camp in the backyard and it is one of the simple pleasures of summer!

  13. My perfect backyard campout would include a big tent to fit the entire family, a portable grill and bonfire. The weather would be warm and breezy (not too hot), and the whole family would have a grand time talking, playing games, and roasting marshmallows.

  14. My perfect backyard campout would include an awesome 5+ person tent, campfire, marshmallows, washer toss and a delicious campfire breakfast in the morning.

  15. I’d have sleeping bags in a tent and roast corn and hot dogs and of course marshmallows. Lots of bug spray on hand

  16. My perfect campout would be rainfree, a nice warm fire with smores, lots of flashlights and a nice comfy bed with a blow up air mattress and lots of blankets

  17. comfy air matress and a tent a fire with smores and spooky stories then sleeping by the stars

  18. our perfect campout would include stories, music, campfire and roasting hot dogs for supper and marshmallows for dessert

  19. My outdoor campout would be a bonfire, roasting marshmallows, telling scary stories, laying down and star gazing with a few beers and then snoozing in a big tent

  20. When I was a kid, I always loved sleeping in our trailer while it was parked in the driveway. That’s still my ideal backyard campout.

  21. Our backyard campout will include a big tent with LOTS of pillows, glow sticks, S’mores by the fire and folk music! Fun times ahead, we love summer!

  22. My perfect backyard campout would have a slight drizzle and a lot of thunder and lightning!

  23. Tent setup under the stars with sleeping bags inside, family gathered around fire pit having a bon fire, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, plus there’s story telling and singing too!

  24. The perfect camp put looks an awfully like the points mentioned above! Everything was bang on for me! Spending time with the fam jam, smores, campfire, and star gazing!

  25. My perfect camp out in the back yard would be with some comfortable therma rest, sleeping bag and a fire pit for roasting marshmallows.

  26. My perfect backyard campout would start with a hot dog supper over a camp fire. Later, we’d have a camp fire and roast marshmallows and then off to bed in the tent.

  27. I would need a comfortable cot in the tent, sorry back problems, lots of lighting and bug free

  28. I would want to have a comfortable airbed in my tent and a warm night. We would have Hobo dinners, white hot chocolate to drink and baked smores in bananas for dessert.

  29. We would have a tent set up to sleep in, fire for roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and lots of scary stories to tell. 🙂

  30. My perfect campfire campout would include no mosquitoes, clear night filled with star, a huge campfire, giggles from the girls, Sangria for Mom and smores for all

  31. My perfect campout with include a swim, a fire pit, smores, and burnt marshmallows.

  32. My perfect camp out would have a tent, smores, a camp fire, hot dogs, stars and my family.

  33. A couple of blankets (one had stars and moons on it) draped over the dining room table, a couple of flashlights to read our books, and some camping snacks and soft pillows and we are set for any animals that may come around!

  34. I think we would have a bbq for dinner and then tell stories are a small camp fire while having campfire made popcorn.

  35. I have a great big tent and a comfy airbed. A firepit is a must and roasting marshmallows and my camera to catch the smiles from my kids.

  36. My perfect backyard campout would have lots of solar lights, hotdogs, muchies, a fire, a couple comfy chairs and a gazebo just in case it rain

  37. My perfect backyard campout would be lots of solar lights, comfy chairs, gazebo (just in cause it rain) muchies, hotdogs and a fire.

  38. The tent up in my mom’s backyard with our fire pit and camp chairs around it. My daughter with her guitar to entertain us.

  39. I have them for my daughter and her friends. We have a fire smores veggie tray and drinks in a cooler. I spray the yard with a homemade bug repelant so they don’t need it on their skin.

  40. bug free tent, air mattresses, comfy sleeping bags, fairly lights, fire pit, cooking sticks, hot dogs, marshmallows, ghost stories and a tablet for movie watching id needed.

  41. My perfect backyard campout would look like a camp fire and roasting marshmalloows

  42. We’d have solar lights, a fire pit, and flashlights and the doors to the house would be unlocked in emergencies, such as having to use the washroom and a sudden rainfall.

  43. I’d need something comfortable to sleep on, no air mattress for me, lots of snacks and good company.

  44. My perfect campout would include a great bonfire to cook Smores over with great friends and family!

  45. My last backyard campout was a disater. We got scared back inside because of animal noise lol. Next time I hope to do some star gazing then a nice book in hopes of falling asleep before the noises

  46. The most perfect part would be if the coyotes took a break for one night, so our kids wouldn’t be scared…. 🙂

  47. I would set up a tent with air mattresses, lantern, snack, drinks and games to play.

  48. My perfect backyard camp-out would include my three grandchildren and a nice campfire.

  49. My perfect camping trip would have a bit tent, comfy air mattress, s’mores, lots of fun times with my kids and hubby

  50. My perfect backyard campout would be comfy chairs, muchies, hotdogs, lots of solar lights, fire, a gazebo (in case it rain)

  51. It would look like a really happy group enjoying themselves in the “great outdoors”!

  52. The perfect backyard campout of have a firepit, music from a small portable player, and a grill on the side.

  53. S’mores and melty treats on sticks over a campfire, a tent with comfy cots, and no bugs. Glamping, basically.

  54. lol FOR US,it would be NO RAIN…been raining almost every day for so long its not even funny …so yeah, I’d have to have a dry yard too before I’d put up our tent …

  55. we would have a nice tent, some comfy lawn chairs, a fire pit, a place to swim and a place to play games

  56. My perfect backyard campout would involve all the regulars- tent, campfire, open-fire cooking! The only non-invitees would be mosquitoes!

  57. I would have a tent, a backyard fire in the fire pit with roasted marshmallows. Some book books (not too scary and of course a flashlight. And the biggest feature would be my grandson!

  58. I have a hammock and a tent, a little fire pit, I guess that would do it for me! oh a flashlight

  59. We would have a big tent and no mosquitoes. We’d roast hot dogs and marshmallows, and then spend an hour or two watching the fireflies.

  60. Our perfect backyard campout would have lots lanterns, a fire, music, playing horseshoes, & experimenting with fun tinfoil cookout meals on the fire like roasted potatoes, chicken, corn on the cob, banana boats, s’mores & more!

  61. When i was a kid I loved backyard campouts! Honestly, all you need is a tent, flashlights, and your imagination. 🙂 If you’re feeling fancy you can bring a pack of cards.

  62. I think that it would be great to have a firepit, a HUGE barbeque with yummy things to eat, cool drinks, maybe a pool, the little ones running around. Amazing! 🙂

  63. My perfect backyard camp out would be a big campfire with smores and making a comfy bed in the back of a car so you can see the stars while falling asleep!!

  64. Fire pit for marshmallow melts and string up lights surrounding the tents which are all equipped with air matresses!

  65. My perfect backyard campout would be enjoying a BBQ and drinks with the neighbours, our kids and their kids playing in the yard (tag, bubbles etc.), and then a sleepover in the yard with tents, sleeping bags and flashlights. The kids would love it!

  66. A comfy tent with extra pillows, a cooler with ice cold beverages, a coleman stove for cooking and/or roasting marshmallow.

  67. Fairy lights in the trees would be a must. A tent for two. A nice bottle of wine, cheese and crackers. I would be happy . Sounds like an adult only camp out 😉

  68. My perfect backyard camp out would be a tent pitched next to a fire pit. We would sit around the fire pit and roast wieners and make s’mores and chat or sing songs. Then head into the tent for the night.

  69. I would set my backyard up with good food and friends and roast some hotdogs on sticks.

  70. My perfect backyard camp-out would be sitting around the campfire talking and eating s’mores. Finishing the night by sleeping under the stars.

  71. I would have our tent set up, washer toss set up to play, lots of fun snacks and let the grand children cook their own marshmallows and hot dogs around the fire pit.

  72. We would be backyard campers,newbies???? With fire pit, flash lights for games, scavenger hunts around neighborhood, make dinner over fire, tell stories, set up tent….study the stars,…sounds SO fun

  73. My perfect backyard campout would include a fire pit, smores, hot cocoa, lots of food and star gazing all night.

  74. My perfect backyard camp out would include a spacious tent and a cot so I don’t have to sleep on the ground.

  75. My perfect backyard camp out has to have a starry night, twinkling lights, a fire and smores! And of course bug spray!

  76. My perfect backyard campout is a grassy lawn, big tent, beautiful sunset, comfy lawn chairs, and a firepit to roast weiners and marshmallows!

  77. The site would be waterfront with a comfy bed and have a firepit to cook up some smores!

  78. My perfect backyard camp out would include my big screen TV, lots of snacks and DVDs!

  79. We live by the ocean so our “backyard campout” would actually take place in the front yard so we could watch the sunset over the ocean while enjoying marshmallows over the propane campfire.

  80. My backyard camp out would have a nice 2 room tent, nice warm fire pit surround with muskoka chairs. Lots of family and friends

  81. It would definitely have to include a wiener roast and a marshmallow roast! Bug spray would be a necessity.

  82. An evening under the stars with guitars and drums with a campfire, marshmallows and blankets followed by cozy sleeping bags in tents.

  83. My perfect backyard campout would have bocce ball, ladder ball, marshmallows for roasting and telescope and binoculars to look at the stars

  84. I think a good backyard campout needs a roomy tent, comfy portable chairs for around the fire, a covered fire pit, s’mores, hotdogs and lemonade!

  85. I would have a firepit, binoculars and/or a telescope to check out the stars at night!

  86. My perfect backyard campout would have a few comfortable chairs, hammocks for the brave, a firepit and a tent gazebo that opened onto the back steps of the house.

  87. Smores is definitely a must! I love being able to camp and enjoy the silence of the night, while watching the clear night sky!

  88. I would have a little campfire if allowed and roast marshmallows and hopefully pick a nice weekend to do it.

  89. soft, cool breezes; not too hot; no mosquitoes, everyone having fun with no conflicts/tension; all the cooking turns out the way we wanted; and we’re all friends at the end. thanks

  90. No weather watch and rain to start, a tent, a campfire, Marshmallow, solar light, and games.

  91. A fire pit , a nice tent and sleeping bags, flashlights , bug spray , lots of stories ,snacks , laughing , and star gazing !

  92. I would pitch a tent have lots of solar lights,flashlights and fairy lights in the trees,with a fire pit
    just across from the pool.We would have lots of S,More kits on hand and marshmallows.There would be singing to guitar music,and stories like you never heard before around the fire! Moooaaaahhhhhaaa!!

  93. A gorgeous campfire, weiners, marshmallows, a great tent and of course a beautiful clear sky to star gaze!

  94. My perfect backyard camp out must have a firepit for gatherings to make smores and tell stories.

  95. We have a trampoline so we trampoline camp by filling it with pillows and sleeping bags and sleep under the stars…just need to keep an eye on the weather forecast!

  96. it would have a telescope for looking at the stars and a lot of glow in the dark toys for night time fun in the dark with the kids

  97. My perfect backyard camp out would have a tent, campfire, music, friends, and plenty of good food!

  98. I would be sleeping in our rv but it would consist of a fire with smores and surrounded by my family

  99. My prefect one would be with a fire with lots of hotdogs and marshmallows. Nice comfy camp chairs and lots of fruit juice drinks.

  100. We tend to have a lot of mosquitoes in our backyard so one of those huge multi room tents would be a must, otherwise just my family and lots of snacks!

  101. my perfect backyard campout would be singing around the campfire and roasting hotdogs and marshmallows with the kids!

  102. Our perfect camp out would include a fire pit, a couple of cans of beer for the adults, and s’smores for the kids! Plus the telescope for stargazing, and we are complete!

  103. We would have a delicious dinner of hot dogs and chips with smores for dessert, play family games, and sleep under the stars. For breakfast we would have bacon and eggs. Great fun.

  104. my backyard camp would have a tent with warm sleeping bags, a fire pit, marshmallows yum yum and flashlights for telling spooky stories!

  105. My perfect backyard campout would have fun in the sun and seemless transition to evening with lots of lights and candles.

  106. My perfect backyard campout would include my family and kids, tent and sleeping bags, music, fun games. snack and beverages, roasting marshmallows, and supply of flashlights, lanterns, bug spray, and citronella candles. Can’t wait for our next campout. We always buy supplies at Walmarts – the best place to shop.

  107. my backyard campout would include flashlights, a campfire to cook wieners, and no flies

  108. The perfect campout would be with friends and family at a bonfire roasting marshmallows and making smores, while listening to some great music. After filling our bellies sitting back and looking at the beautiful night sky listening to stories and memories. Don’t forget a comfy mattress that will help you to fall asleep and have a peaceful rest.

  109. Loads of solar lights setting the mood for a fun table full of seasonal fruit, burgers, and potato salad!

  110. My perfect backyard camp out would look have great big pillows and blankets, maybe a hammock and bonfire and lot of lanterns. Great music and smores and definitely some wine. Sitting under the stars is beautiful!

  111. I would have solar powered lights, a fire pit and a neat rock bench. 🙂 Thanks!

  112. The perfect backyard campout would be the whole family around the firepit eating smores and singing campfire songs, then spending the night sleeping under the stars.

  113. there would be a fire pit with smores and hot dogs for sure, and a telescope and a tent

  114. I would have screened in gazebo with solar lights with a comfortable chair and a good book and a cup of mint tea with gingersnaps. Thank you for this opportunity.

  115. tent , sleeping bags , snacks , flashlights and telling ghost stories to the kids !

  116. We would need a tent with an air mattress & sleeping bag, a fire pit, music & lots of smores.

  117. big roomy tents, fire pit to cook s’mores and treats, bug netted screen house to hide from the bugs! i like to get lots of glow in the dark things like glow sticks and those necklaces, we use them for playing games at night like ring toss…

  118. Usually we will make campfire cones on the BBQ. We used to have an app that told all the constellations, that was kinda cool once it got dark

  119. I have a backyard fire chimenea so we like to make hotdogs and smores, with a little cold beverage

  120. just having that experience with my kids is great, they had a few sleepovers that way, we would cook hotdogs have cocoa and they “camped”in their tent out back

  121. My perfect backyard camp out would be having a tent set up, have charcoal BBQs, play some fun outdoor games with kids

  122. It would be night under the stars with no electronics. Just good old fashioned campfire stories and activities

  123. I would plan some games for the kids, have a BBQ. Then roast marshmallows and make s’mores on the camp fire.

  124. There is so many fun ways to have a perfect backyard campout and your list is awesome! My family and I would definitely needs a tent, sleeping bags and pillows for a comfortable nights sleep. We would enjoy s’mores over our little s’mores maker and bring flashlights for starring up at the stars and moon. Thanks so much for an incredible giveaway! Good luck all!

  125. My perfect campout would have a tent, decent air mattress and a fire with marshmallows.

  126. My perfect campout would have a tent, decent air mattress and a fire with marshmallows and chocolate.

  127. My perfect backyard campout would have tents with lots of pillows and blankets around a cozy fire with yummy snacks!!

  128. Perfect backyard camp out would be pitching a tent so they could learn how to put one up. Have flashlights, games, batteries and a pit that we could roast marshmallows for smores. Sleeping bags and music.

  129. My perfect campout would be a nice fire going, great BBQ food, and NO MOSQUITOS. Is that possible? I think I’d just need a lot of repellent…

  130. It would be great to win a $500 Walmart Gift Card.
    In response to your question of
    What would your perfect backyard camp out look like?
    My perfect backyard camp out would consist of a tent,
    my favourite music,no Mosquitoes,
    a fire pit and some hot dogs,chips and marshmallows to eat.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  131. It would be great to have some fun lighting strung up around the yard, for good atmosphere. Add in some fun games, like washer toss; yummy (and sugary) treats; and end the evening with marshmallow roasting.

  132. My Ideal Back Yard camping Trip would have lots of Games Like Badminton and water balloons. Of Course a Yummy Cookout with lots of snacks Of course good Friends to make it extra fun.

  133. Perfect Backyard Camping:
    Asked my son and his response as follows:

    (a) Full Moon
    (b) Sound of Crickets
    (c) Tent
    (d) Sleeping Bags
    (e) Flashlights
    (f) Archie Comics
    (g) Fire pit
    (h) Smores
    (i) Flickering lightning bugs
    (j) Pokemon Go

    And……Most important experiencing this with DAD. Hmmm (j) is questionable !

  134. An air mattress would be perfect my backyard camping experience along with snacks, games, and some music.

  135. My backyard campout would entail sleeping underneath the stars in sleeping bags, roasting marshmallows and having flame cooked hot dogs for dinner. We would tell spooky ghost stories before bed!

  136. Individual Tents or Hammocks, Fire pit, some assortment of of meats and cheeses and Smores!

  137. My perfect backyard campout will include a tent, a fire, the grandkids, and making smores.

  138. My perfect backyard camping would be us sitting around the fire and then heading to bed in the tent to giggle about the wonders of life.

  139. my backyard campout would be perfect with my little granddaughter!! we have a Crayola glow board thing that is lots of fun that would be cool in the dark tent!! my perfect campout would also have to include a fire in the firepit with yummy things made in a pie iron….and singing and laughter!!

  140. My perfect backyard campout would include a roomy tent large enough for me, my hubby and my kids, a new Queen-sized air mattress (one without a slow leak like ours that has us sleeping on the ground by morning), roasted marshmallows on the BBQ and a battery-powered lantern to play board games by in the tent.

  141. my perfect backyard campout would involve a starry, clear night, two kids and us, a giant tent, ghost stories, a fire with smores, a movie, and a board game.

  142. My perfect backyard camp out would include my two boys, tents, ghost stories, a campfire, dinner cooked over said campfire and some treats. Simple, easy and a great way to spend time together.

  143. Big Fire, drinks, some waffle cones filled with strawberrys and chocolate, and lots of friends/family!

  144. A perfect campout out would be lots of giggles and laughs into the night and then sleeping in the following morning.

  145. Backyard campouts are common for my family at the cottage. It’s fairly small with only two larger bedrooms so whenever the entire family comes up or we have a large group of friends join us we usually have a mini tent city on one side of the lawn!

  146. My perfect campout would include Bon Fire and yummy smores. Tenting , glow sticks and telling stories

  147. A splash pool for the kids, a hammock for me, a fire pit for making smores and some warm sleeping bags

  148. My perfect backyard campout would have lots of lights, a big tent, lots of games, drinks/foods and a fire pit so we could sit around it and make smores.

  149. A tent, a plug in fake fire (one we had when I was little so almost 30 years old haha) since we have a fire ban on right now, and lots of flashlight for the ghost stories 🙂

  150. My ideal backyard camping adventure would include s’mores on a charcoal grill, a blanket for laying out and watching the stars, glow sticks, and sparklers for nightime fun.

  151. My perfect backyard campout would include steak and baked potatoes with lots of smores making once it gets dark. Cozy sleeping bags, a clear night, and a sky full of stars would round it out.

  152. Two tents, one for the children and another for the adults. A warm cozy fire to fall asleep around.

  153. I would make sure that there was enough netting to keep out the mosquitos. It would have lots of comfy blankets and pillows. We would have a fire pit and all the supplies for roasted Marshallows and sores. Lots of solar lights to read by and music to sing along to

  154. My perfect backyard campout would have a firepit, comfy furniture, patio lanterns, good friends and lots of laughs

  155. My perfect campout would be a warm evening in our tent. We’d spend the early evening around a fire with s’mores (maybe a s’mores bar) and lot of fun family time. We check our some constellations and then read a story in our tent. The headlight would be great for that! Then we’d all snuggle in our sleepbags and have a peaceful night’s sleep 🙂

  156. what I love most is roasting marshmallows withe the people I love. I think when it’s dark around a campfire people feel freer to be themselves,I love that.

  157. My perfect backyard camp out would include a large tent with a huge air mattress for me, my hubby & my baby girl. We would definitely need a little fire pit so we could make hot dogs & s’mores too!

  158. I would say my two little munchkins and husband. Definitely make the s’mores using AREO bars. Yumm!! Flashlights for making fun shadow figures. A mini telescope to teach my daughter about our moon and stars. Sleeping bags, tents, and a mini portable stereo

  159. A group of friends sitting around a fire,roasting weiners and marshmallows,,good music and drinks,sounds lie a great time to me 🙂

  160. We would have a sturdy tent, blankets, pillows, flashlights and solar lights, snacks, spooky stories, music and crafts!

  161. An air matress, glow sticks, s’mores and campfire and my kids are the necessary ingredients for a successful campout for me!

  162. My perfect backyard camp out would include a big tent, sleeping bags, fire pit, s’mores, music and games
    on a clear night with a light breeze and star light sky,

  163. Lots of plush comfy blankets and air mattresses, and a feast fit for tiny gods!!!

  164. we would a roomy tent, pretty fire pit lots of string lights and marshmallows

  165. Need a fire pit to roast those marshmallows for s’mores! Good lighting I’m sure those energizers would help with that.

  166. My perfect backyard camp out would be, a tent, bbq, fire pit, folding chairs, sleeping bags, and my family 🙂

  167. It would look like good food good drinks in front of a nice campfire and beside a lake!

  168. My perfect camp out would be a starry night , My toddler asleep by 8 pm after we had a grill fire to roast our hot dogs and marsh mallows. Then I would get to sit under the stars for awhile , enjoy the night and the silence and some wine

  169. Perfect backyard camp out for us would be a firepit so we can roast marshmallows and tell spooky campfire stories.

  170. i love camping with my sons and have had a few backyard adventures because it is an easy way to connect with them and give them appreciation for a small fire, stories and shared treats!

  171. The tent would be equipped with air mattresses and sleeping bags on cots. We’d have a camp stove, a fire pit, lanterns, coolers, camp chairs, snacks, food and drinks. There would be lots of friends and family listening to music, laughing and talking.

  172. I would have a huge blow up projector so we could watch a late night movie, big tent, pool, fire pit to make hot dogs and smores!

  173. I can barely walk to the local post office without being surrounded by mosquitos!! and I hear the west nile ones are out and about

  174. Perfect weather – like no rain no mosquitoes and being able to sing songs by the campfire

  175. An air mattress in our cosy tent that we crawl into after time spend around the fire eatting s’mores!

  176. It would have a mobile home with all the comforts of home, including high speed internet!

  177. My perfect backyard campout would have a tent, sleeping bags, blow up mattress, fire pit, hot dogs and smores.

  178. My perfect backyard campout would have a tent, sleeping bags, blow up mattress, lanterns, firepit, hot dogs and smores! also a few discretely placed citronella candles!

  179. I would have a nice comfy air mattress fuzzy blankets , pillows glow sticks and a campfire 🙂

  180. We used to do this as kids all the time! A big tent that can hold a a few kids and mom! Also a cooler for midnight snacks filled with good stuff! fun games! sleep sacks and lots of pillows! flashlights, too!

  181. When I was little I use to ask my mom to take our beds to the park, so we can stare at the stars at night????

  182. My back yard camp out first of all wouldn’t be perfect until all the grandchildren arrived for the sleep over with Nana! Just to see the looks on their faces when they see one big tent to fit all filled with enough sleeping bags and pillows for all, fire pit and smores ready to go and all the flashlights lined up in a row! Now that couldn’t be more perfect!

  183. Our perfect backyard camp out would be in a tent pitched right next to the garden, with string lights strung above, a roaring fire, comfy pillows and blankets, and marshmallows of course!

  184. Perfect backyard campout would be my kids in the tent and me in the house in my bed! I am sure they would love to sleep in their treehouse though!

  185. My granddaughters, chocolate, singing and scary stories are the most important ingredients for a campout.

  186. Camping in the backyard would have access to electricity…liviong outdoors would be MORE of a pleaure@

  187. My perfect backyard campout would have an outdoor movie screen and a fire pit for roasting hotdogs and marshmallows.

  188. Mine would be a warm summer night (without mosquitoes!!), a campfire with roasted marshmellow and falling asleep under the stars.

  189. We love camping out in the backyard.Our perfect camp out would have lots of great snacks and drinks,some fairy lights up in the trees, having a bonfire pit and of course the pool is right there beside us too.It’s so relaxing to sleep under a blanket of stars!

  190. My perfect backyard campout would be lots of tunes playing so we could sing along, roasting marshmallows in the firepit and adding tiny white lights around the tent to add some atmosphere!

  191. The perfect backyard camp out would be lots of great food, roasting marshmallows, and telling ghost stories.

  192. We absolutely love camping out in the back yard! Tent, glow sticks, fire pit with s’mores and hot dogs! Just some good old fashioned family fun (no electronics!)

  193. My perfect camp out would be next to the lake in the back yard (pool) in a large tent with nice air mattresses and a good campfire and smores.

  194. Well, for starters, we would have a house in the country with a nice big backyard with a huuuge in ground fire pit. We would have a gazebo where we can see the sky with to avoid our AWFUL amount of mosquitoes and it would be piled with mattresses, pillows and blankets spread across the floor so we can just fall asleep “under the stars”.

  195. I see your daughter reads Geronimo Stilton; my daughter loves those books too.
    My perfect back yard camp out would include some fun backyard olympics, roasting marshmallows, and telling stories in the tent before sleeping all cuddled up together.

  196. My campsite would have a large tent with a covered bottom. Four air mattresses that could be stacked in the day time. Pockets for small items like suntan lotion, bug spray and other necessities.
    I would have a self-contained fire -pit and some comfortable chairs outside .We would have a cooler for food and other containers for our dry treats.
    I would have flashlights with batteries for the night trips to the bathroom in the house.

  197. I would have a firepit, smores, tent & canopy, solar lights, as well as music & dancing under the stars. Thank you for the opportunity!

  198. Perfect camp out with have a campfire, grilled hotdogs, smores, camp songs, card and board games, tents with air mattresses and great company.

  199. My perfect backyard camp out is string lights, smores, flashlight and more light around the tent with my hubby and son.

  200. For my perfect backyard campout, I would invite my dog Maggie and I would snack on lots of gummi worms and smores.

  201. netted tent so lots of stars but no bugs.. campfire with marshmallows.. hot chocolate or apple cider ..

  202. My perfect backyard campout would include a great meal on the BBQ, fun treats like s’mores and popsicles, and a lots of talk and stories before bed.

  203. My perfect campout would include a bonfire with smores and spiderdogs. My family and a snoozefest under the stars

  204. My perfect backyard camp out would include a fire in our fire pit and a mean game of minigolf in our backyard green which is essentially a couple of holes we fog in the grass,

  205. Hmm, it’d probably involve a large tent, comfy pillows and insect repellent (maybe some bear repellent too since there have been several bears in our backyard lately and wouldn’t want them to trample on me during my sleep. 😛 )

  206. nice little fire, some fairy lights hanging by the tent, and hopefully a clear night sky for watching the stars!

  207. it would be a campfire,an airmattress, my kids making smores,fireworks and a cold beer

  208. sleeping bags in our screen house, gorgeous lights in the tall trees, great night time snacks and a fire burning in the firepit…. in front of the screen house. Perfect.

  209. My backyard camp out would be an oasis of tranquility shared with my best friend. We would have a meal of grilled fish and potatoes accompanied by salads – one vegetable, one fruit. We would put up the tent and share a bottle of wine while the sun sets and the stars come out. We would talk and talk, then crawl into the tent until morning.

  210. My backyard campout would look like an air mattress on the floor of the sunroom listening to the crickets thru the screened windows, safe from the bugs and close to all the amenities.

  211. My perfect backyard campout would be star gazing, eating smores and having laughs with the kids! We did a backyard campout once.. my daughter loved it.

  212. campfire snacks, solar lights, everyone in a bear sleeping bag, so we can wake up and laugh, portable wireless speaker for music under the stars.

  213. A hammock under a stand of trees, a firepit, and my children twirling a fire baton at night.

  214. My perfect backyard camping would be with me, the wife and kids, our tent, the campfire going and amores in our tummies.

  215. My perfect backyard camp would be me and my special someone looking up at the stars and dreaming about life together.

  216. My perfect backyard campout would include my hubby and kids, great BBQ food, some treats and music. That’s it, that’s all!

  217. big tent and run an extension cord out for electricity so you can have everything, fans lights tv

  218. Our perfect backyard camp out would have music, marshmallows and chocolates to munch and comfy sleeping bags and good friends to laugh with.

  219. My perfect backyard campout would include a playset to play on just like the campgrounds we go to, a bbq so we could bbq without having a fire, air mattress (my back can’t stand the hard ground), flashlights, bug spray, snacks, sparklers, and warm sleeping bags…oh wait….a tent too!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  220. My perfect backyard camp out would include a big tent with comfy sleep bags or air mattress. There will be lots of food – BBQ and snacks. To top it off, there will be a campfire where roasting marshmallows would occur and good music playing. All my best friends, family and boyfriend will be joining in on the fun.

  221. My perfect backyard camp out would involve s’mores…a hot dog on a stick…a campfire….and a soft place to sleep.

  222. It would have kids running around and climbing on swing set, pot luck dinner with BBQ hamburgs, hotdogs and sausage. Ring toss tournament and go late into the night with a bonfire, smores and kids chasing fireflies.

  223. A perfect camp out includes my family and good food, oh and good mosquito repellent, this is Canada you know! Haha

  224. My perfect backyard campout would look like a huge 12 man tent, big, comfy air mattresses, a fire pit and steaks – lots and lots of steaks 🙂

  225. Our perfect backyard camp out would have a BIG tent, sleeping bags, a fire pit, lanterns to be carried around, out door games and lots of yummy snacks to be cooked on a fire! We love roasting marshmellows and hot dogs as well as making home made pizza pockets that get cooked over the fire!

  226. My perfect backyard campout would include family, firepit, music, food, soft lights and zero bugs!

  227. No bugs-a camp fire, roasted wieners and marsh mellows, lots of stars -with my whole family

  228. I would have a firepit with comfy sleeping bags, in a large tent, with lots of snacks!

  229. A fire pit, tiki torches, blankets, and a clear sky for stargazing! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome contest!

  230. my hubby and I along with our 5 kids roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over a nice warm fire during our cold Newfoundland nights and just enjoying the beautiful night sky and each others company.

  231. Being with my husband and staring at the twinkling stars, with lots of scented candles, cozy chaise-longe, s’mores and playing our favourite songs while singing along loudly ! Oh ! Heaven !!!

  232. My perfect backyard campout would look like a cozy tent and sleeping bags. My little one would be thrilled to sleep outdoors. I know she’d insist on picking the snacks and bringing her fave stuffed animals. We would definitely do some star gazing and then read a book by the light of our flashlights.

  233. My kids and I had backyard campouts all the time!! We didnt really get to go real camping because of finances but this I could do!

  234. As long as my family is there, some games to play and yummy food it will be perfect!

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