7 Easy Ways to Pamper Yourself


Like most Moms out there, my focus is always on everyone else. We give, give, give and oftentimes neglect our own body, mind and soul in the process. It’s actually very easy to overlook our own needs with everything else we juggle in our everyday lives. Before we know it, it seems like we haven’t had even a few minutes to ourselves, in a long time.

Truth is, we all need that break to reflect on what’s important to us. We need to rest, have peace and recharge for the next round of chaos in our days.


Realistically though, these ways have to be simple, frugal and attainable. While I’d love to go out alone and get weekly manicures, I know it most likely won’t happen.

Here are 7 Easy Ways to Pamper Yourself, none of which take a lot of time or money. You really have no excuse!

  • Wake-Up – Get out of bed before everyone else in the house. Take this time alone to read, sip your coffee in peace or just to listen to the birds out the back door. Early mornings spent alone are an ideal kick-start to the day. It’ll enable you to prepare for the day ahead, with a clear mind.
  • Read – I recall spending good portions of my child-free days with a good book. Alas, reading an entire novel happens  far and few between. Yet, if it’s a love of yours, it must not disappear with the pre-baby pair of jeans. Finding 15 minutes in your day to pick up a magazine or book is enough to exercise the mind and let your imagination soar. Kids playing quietly in the playroom, if only for a short time? Grab that book! Are their noses deep in a colouring book? Pick up your own good reads. 
  • Pick Up The Phone – When was the last time you had a chat with a girlfriend, and not via an email or message? Schedule that phone call with a dear friend and connect with someone that isn’t 4 feet tall and calling your name endlessly. This call will probably result in laughter, pampering the soul in so many ways. 
  • Mini-Mani – It doesn’t take long and it needn’t be complicated. Just some quick polish on the fingers or toes makes a world of difference to one’s mood. Not only will it give the impression you have it ‘all together’ to others (when you often don’t feel you do), but just catching a glimpse of your pretty nails throughout the day will make you feel like you spent a day at the spa. 
  • Hide – This is where I’m confessing that I hide from my family each and every day. Take 5 minutes for yourself and retreat to a quiet part of the house. Breathe, meditate, listen to quiet music and de-stress.
  • Take a Walk – Even if you have to bring the kids! Getting some exercise will boost the mind, de-stress and get the energy level up. 
  • Soak – I usually take a very quick shower – not at all relaxing. Once in a while, take a nice long warm bubble bath. Use a nice fragrance and soak for as long as you can.

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    1. Oh, that time in the AM is divine though, isn’t it? That and the silence after the kids bedtime is my favourite time of day! Time to myself!

  1. Such a great reminder. As mom we take very little time for ourselves. We need to remember that the better we care for ourselves the better we can take care of others.

  2. I love your tip about waking up before everyone else. I do this too. I set my alarm at the crack of dawn and make myself a coffee. I love getting an early start to my day.

    1. It’s harder in the Summer, because I tend to stay up later than in the school year, but seeing the Summer sun solo on a peaceful morning is heaven!

  3. For me reading , waking up an hour or two before the fam does and blogging definitely constitutes a big amount of me time every day 🙂

    1. I read on vacay, yet when I read a book, I don’t put it down until finished. Which means that I don’t do it very often. I need to pace myself, and I’d do more reading for sure.

  4. Great ideas, since my husband stays at home with the kids during the day and I go to work Ialways get up by myself for some me time in the morning. And every so often I tell hubby I am escaping to the bathroom for a soak in a tub, no kids allowed!!

  5. You ladies are just inspiring me to take some me time. I bought this house just because it had a large two person jacuzzi tub and I love, love, love it. Thanks for the reminder that it is a privilege that I should indulge in every once in a while.

  6. I like the ‘hide’ one. I try to hide when I’m feeling overly frustrated with the kids. I hide for a few seconds, just to clear my head. Great post.

  7. This summer has been very hectic and I would really love some me time but I think I wont get that until the fall. my mom in law in and out of hospital.

    1. Get little bits of time in there for yourself, Christine. So sorry to hear about your Mom 🙁

  8. Thanks for the reminders, we get so tied up in what everyone needs we often forget ourselves!

  9. Great suggestions, I try to take some “me” time each night before bed to read. Nice to unwind after a hectic day.

  10. I often take a book to the park and keep an ear on my kids while they play (they’re 7 and 9). I love a bath with a book too. I just encouraged my 9 yr old to take a book in the bath and she loved it too!

  11. great post! easy simple ways to just kick back and relax. i love a good natter with a friend on the phone or even just soak in the hot tub.

  12. I try to carve out a little “me-time” each day, even if it is simply reading a few pages of a book before going to sleep. It is vital for a mommy’s sanity!

  13. Ive just started riding hubby’s bike to work at 530 am. I am enjoying the cool and quiet in the morning and the exercise feels great!

  14. I love soaking in the tub, its so relaxing and takes the stress away…great idea 🙂

  15. I really want to buy (or receive as an x-mas gift) one of those foot soaker/massager type things 🙂 I’d read something on my kindle while soaking my tired feet!

  16. I really Like taking long walks on scenic paths/trails. I find it relaxing and allows me the opportunity to reflect on things that matter to me….its what I like to refer to as “my selfish time”

  17. I love your ideas for pampering oneself, I love to take a walk by myself. Early morning is my time to spend on my own, take my iPod and just walk and sing..lol.

  18. I should try the first one. But it’s so hard when you have a baby that wakes up 2-3 times a night.

  19. I find myself “hiding” at least once a week, lol! Though I guess I’m not picking very inventive hideaways because the solace never lasts very long!!

  20. Today, I need all of these…I did the bath, exfoliate even! I have the book…maybe disappear into my room and read will be on the menu for tonight…an early night…thanks Tammi for this post. This one felt like it was speaking to me personally 🙂

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