6 Ways to Get Fit on a Budget

When trying to achieve a healthier and fit life, excuses are everywhere. Usually these excuses centre around time and money, the two most common factors that fuel life and unfortunately aid in the unhealthy lifestyle that you’re trying to change.

Lack of time gives you the excuse to eat out too often and reach for unhealthy foods which aren’t the right fuel for the body. Lack of money can prevent most gym memberships. Really, it’s a vicious cycle that is tough to break unless you develop a new approach and put a stop to old habits. The trick is to know some common facts behind the excuses, and stand firm in the fact that you can break the cycle.

When it comes to time: it’s simply all about management and organization – and most importantly, placing significance on life’s tasks. The first step is allowing yourself the YOU time needed to refill that cup of yours by way of exercise, so that you are at optimum mind and body to take on everything else. Making yourself the priority above many other things might not be the way you’ve always delegated your time, but it’s necessary in success.

Only you know your schedule well, so don’t see getting fit as an extra to fit in when you can, but place it higher on the priority list so that time is no longer a valid excuse.

Now let’s talk money: because so often people assume that getting fit will take away from your allotted budget. Truth is, you can get fit on the cheap. How do I know this? Because I lost 75 pounds without an expensive gym membership or using hardly any of my budget to facilitate my mission in a healthier life.

I hope you’re feeling motivated already, because you CAN do this!

6 ways to get fit on a budget


6 Ways to Get Fit on a Budget


No Fad Diets

You can easily spot a fad diet because they usually come with a hefty price tag. From pills to powders, fad diets are more of a get-rich-quick scheme for the seller. They are unrealistic when it comes to fitting into lifestyle and nutrition and they simply don’t work in the long run. Instead, put your money into the healthy fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins that fuel your body the right way. This will not only save you money, but you won’t be spending unnecessarily.

Plan Ahead

You know I’m all about organizing chaos, and by that, I mean everything that consumes your time in life. To cut back on the drive-thru stops, try meal planning, if only for two days at a time. You know your schedule well, so on most days you can plan ahead. When life throws a curveball at you one day (as you know it will) adapt in the best way you can. Even if it’s deciding that you can eat out that day, try to choose the healthiest option available.

Choose a Budget-Friendly Gym

While you can work out at home, I love having a gym as a chance to be social and get out of the house where I live and work. Not only do gyms offer variety to beat the boredom, but you can buddy up and have a tribe for support. Going to the gym with friends holds you accountable and it’s motivating. However, we all know how much a gym membership can drain that bank account. Truth is, there’s a gym option that is budget friendly which you might not be aware of.

Fit4Life gym

Our city just got our first Fit4Less gym, and they are on the rise in Canada for one great reason – it’s easy on the budget when compared to others. I was at one location recently and the staff members were friendly and informative and the entire gym was clean and equipped with modern gear and machines.

At Fit4Less locations across the country you will find the necessities to facilitate your fitness and health goals, without added bells and whistles, and the high cost that is associated with them.

Fit4Life gym

Starting at just $4.99 every 2 weeks + a Joining Fee, this is a substantial saving when compared to the monthly rates of other gym memberships. It even includes Move 123 Virtual Fitness {where available} and the  30Minute Express Circuit.

Pay just $10.99 every two weeks and you’ll get the Black Card Membership at Fit4Less. This includes nationwide access and the added bonus of sharing your membership with family and friends when you are not using it. It also allows you to use massage chairs and tanning which are available at all locations.

Learn more about Fit4Less membership and locations here.

Keep it Simple

A lot of people decide to start working out and celebrate with a brand-new gym outfit, new set of fancy water bottles, or even a new face cream that’s advertised as ‘sweat proof’. These are all unnecessary expenses that put strain on a budget. I know how many yoga pants are in my closet already, and I can most certainly wear one of these to work out instead of buying a new, trendy pair. Any water bottle will do, no additional purchase needed. And unless your running shoes are in dire need of being replaced, the usual pair will suffice.

Sneak it In

We’ve all heard of ways to sneak in extra exercise throughout the day, so while it may be monotonous, it’s important to remind yourself. Park further away from the doors of the store, take extra trips instead of carrying so many bags that your fingers go numb, and take breaks from the office desk to sneak in some movement. Use commercial breaks to get in a set of crunches if you have to – but realize just how much of your day is spend stationary, and change it! At Fit4Less you can even pop in and get your workout done between appointments if necessary.

Financial Support

While this one doesn’t apply to me, I have a couple of friends whose employee benefit plans cover annual expenses for health spending. Look into it, and you might save your own budget for things like memberships, gear and equipment. You never know!

Fit4Life gym

Committing yourself to a more fit and healthy life should be a strain on your budget, and success doesn’t have to have a hefty price tag. Allow these ways to get fit on a budget to help you achieve your goals!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fit4Less. The opinions and text are all mine.


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