6 Steps to Better Sleep

If you’re having problems getting a good sleep, the one where you aren’t dragging the next day – these tips are for you!

6 Steps to Better Sleep

6 Steps to Better Sleep:

1. Exercise – A body needs quality rest, to rejuvenate, after expelling energy. So it only goes without saying, get moving and make your body tired!

2. Limit Caffeine – Coffee makes you alert – so limit consumption in the afternoons and don’t have any in the evenings. This includes drinks and those foods like chocolate!

3. No Eating Past 7 p.m – It’s true that if you eat before bed, digestion can keep you awake.

4. Soothing Surroundings – Ensure that your bed and your bedroom surroundings are soothing and comfortable enough to induce and promote sleep.

5. Get into a sleep routine – We have kids bed time routines for a reason, call it a mind-trick that tells your body that it’s time to sleep!

6. Try a Natural Sleep Enhancer – the ZzzQuil Scented Plug In is a new natural aromatherapy product which offers a medication-free alternative to those wanting a blissful sleep. The ZzzQuil Scented Plug In sleep enhancer helps you get the rest your body needs thanks to heat activated ZzzPads that gradually release calming scents for non-medicated comfort.

Each ZzzPad is infused with soothing lavender and chamomile essential oil aromas, which totally remind me of walking into any top-notch spa. The scent of ZzzPads bring on that same calming and peaceful feeling – which is exactly what is needed for a restful night.

The Plugged In Sleep Enhancer comes with the plug-in device and four ZzzPads, which can only be used once. You can purchase additional replacement ZzzPads separately, in packages of 6 and 12. The ZzzQuil Scented Plug In Sleep Enhancer can be used for all members of the family. and it’s so simple to use.

It works by inserting one or two of the ZzzPads into the plug-in device, and then plugging it into a 120V electrical wall outlet. On the device you can control the intensity that the scent is released into the air {8 hours on high, 12 hours on medium, and 16 hours on low}. I’d suggest starting at medium the first time and gauging which works best for you, and try to plug it in close to your sleeping area.

The first time I tried my ZzzQuil Scented Plug In Sleep Enhancer, I woke up the next morning wondering if it was even working. I went close to the plug-in and took a whiff, then wondered why I didn’t smell it at all last night. Then it dawned on me … because I was sleeping! I actually slept right through the night!

As a side note, my puppy slept through the night as well. He sleeps in his crate by my bedroom closet and has been known to want 3am visits to the backyard. I love that the ZzzQuil Scented Plug In is also so easily portable. The ZzzQuil Scented Plug In can be taken along when travelling, when time changes and jet-lag take such a hard toll on sleeping habits.

The ZzzQuil Scented Plug In helps me to calm down and relax so that I fall asleep faster, and for that I’m thankful since I need those good nights sleep!

How have you been sleeping lately?

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  1. these are great tips! I think I would be okay if my husband would just stop snoring, though.

  2. I do almost all of these and still struggle to fall asleep so I’ve been working with aromatherapy lately. I keep some aloe vapor rub infused tissues by my bed to aid in the process but this seems like a great way to get targeted treatment.

  3. Being a pregnant mama, well, sleep is something that alludes me right now. So many things keep me up at night. I never knew that ZzzQuil came in plugins! That is brilliant!

  4. These are great tips! I need to work on eating earlier. My hubby doesn’t get home until 7:30!

  5. I have been sleeping fairly good lately. These are great tips. I will have to work on not eating after 7 pm.

  6. I am very guilty of eating late at night. Half the time I don’t even eat dinner til 8pm. I guess I am going to need to make some adjustments.

  7. That is a really neat idea. My husband doesn’t sleep well at all. I need to look for these.

  8. I have the hardest time sleeping. I think I just need a better routine and schedule. Thanks for the great tips.

  9. Great tips. I really need to work on not eating soo late. That’s something I’m really bad about.

  10. I really needed these tips! I sleep terribly, and I still haven’t been able to find a way to get any real sleep naturally. Maybe these tips will help.

  11. Those are some really good tips. I know when I exercise and turn the computer/my phone off I always sleep better.

  12. I have trouble sleeping these days, but it’s mostly because of my kids, rather than something happening inside my body! One of them always wakes up during the night!

  13. Oh travel would be a major time I have difficulty sleeping. A new environment, new sounds, new lights, it’s crazy how the bed can be SO comfortable but it’s still hard to sleep! Great tips!

  14. I am heading out today to get one of these. I have the worst time sleeping and its getting worse instead of better. I currently use zzzquil but the leg jumps are too much from it. I will definitely try this. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I’m very guilty of the late night pantry raid. I get out the good stuff I don’t want to share after they go to bed. That Plug in sleep enhancer looks interesting. I wonder if it would help my husband.

  16. I haven’t been sleeping good lately, but I have been snaking to late in the evening. I did notice the less I eat in the evening the better I sleep.

  17. I don’t seem to have trouble falling asleep at all, except for Sunday nights when I toss and turn. And occasionally I wake up during the night and have trouble falling asleep again.

  18. I’m a pretty crap sleeper – if I’m lucky I get a few days of good sleep then a couple weeks of restless, can’t fall asleep, can’t stay asleep or just won’t sleep. It was really bad when the kids were babies, it’s been that way since I was 10 or so I’m told.

    I really must look for this as I’ve never heard of it before – I’ve seen zzzzquil liquid but not plug-ins…. and I like the one you can get for when you have a cold.


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