6 Pharmacy Services You Might Not Be Aware Of

If there’s one thing we all strive to maintain and improve – it’s our health. No matter our lifestyle, obligations, duties and schedules; optimal health is one thing that allows ‘life’ to happen. For ourselves and for our loved ones.

March is pharmacist awareness month, and recently I have learned so much about the services available to Canadians. Shoppers Drug Mart, in coordination with the Canadian Pharmacist Association recently executed a new poll regarding Canadians awareness of the services that a pharmacist can provide. The results proved that a services reminder is in order. While specific ones do vary from province to province, the rule of thumb here is to pop into your local pharmacy {no appointment necessary} and simply ASK.

Pharmacy Services You Might Not Be Aware Of

6 Pharmacy Services You Might Not Be Aware Of:


1) Vaccinations

By now I’m sure you know that your pharmacy is your go-to for getting your annual Influenza vaccine. Not” just a cold”, Influenza can lead to hospitalization and can even be fatal. Vaccination is your best defence against the flu.

Yet the pharmacy is also an option for getting other vaccines such as those for shingles {If you’ve had chickenpox, you’re at risk of shingles. Actually, up to 1 in 3 Canadians will develop shingles during their lifetime.} and vaccines for travel. 61% of Canadians are unaware they offer other vaccines!

I know many that are escaping the last of Canadian winter by heading south to destinations such as Mexico and the Caribbean. Travel immunizations and vaccines promote safe and enjoyable travel by helping to provide protection against diseases that may be rare in our country, but that are still prevalent in others.

If you have questions about shingles, the shingles vaccine, travel and travel vaccines – speak to your Pharmacist and they’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss health-related risks and options. Again, just ask! In all provinces but Quebec, your Pharmacist can even administer the vaccine right in the pharmacy.


2) Diabetes Management

Many people aren’t aware just how beneficial the pharmacy can be when managing diabetes, which can be such a tricky condition to manage. Your Pharmacist can help you learn more about living well with diabetes with various tips and instructions such as making sense of medications, selecting a blood glucose monitor, giving information on insulin and related pumps, and also provide dietary and activity advice for those with diabetes.


3) Heart Health

Hypertension {high blood pressure} is known as a “silent killer” because you may not notice the signs or symptoms of having it. Getting your blood pressure under control can help prevent long-term complications such as stroke and heart attack, as well as the development of other conditions, such as heart failure and kidney failure.

We’ve all seen the blood pressure check-stations in our pharmacy, yet it doesn’t have to be a self-used device. Your Pharmacist is available to review your blood pressure measurement results with you, and provide complete information on understanding medications, side-effects, heart-healthy foods and more. Speak with your Pharmacist about any questions you may have, heart health is serious business and 66% of Canadians are unaware of this cardiovascular service offered by pharmacists!


4) Minor Ailments

We’ve been there many times before – the long and tedious visit to the doctor followed by a prescription refill at the pharmacy. Yet did you know that pharmacists in many provinces can write prescriptions for minor ailments?

When a speaking to a pharmacist about your ailment, you’ll be consulted in a private area for complete assessment. The Pharmacist will either make a treatment recommendation, which may include writing you a prescription, providing a treatment plan, and scheduling a follow-up. If the Pharmacist determines your condition is more serious, you may be referred to your doctor. Even the littlest health conditions affect everyday life for sure, so when in doubt regarding this service – just ask, no appointment necessary!


5) Nutritional Advice

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is important for all Canadian. Not simply for those wanting to maintain a healthy weight, a generally healthy lifestyle also helps to avoid certain health issues and gives you more energy and positively affects your overall well being.

Eating a balanced diet is one of the most important factors in helping you live well, and your pharmacist can provide information, tips and tricks to help you eat well – to live well! Only 16% of Canadians take advantage of these services! For dietary advice, meal planning, portion information, choosing food options and more – your pharmacist is a wealth of information when it comes to nutritional advice. Plus, they know your medications, and sometimes that directly affects which foods you should and shouldn’t be consuming!


6) Prescription Renewals

We’ve all forgotten to refill a prescription from time to time, and only then realizing that the wait to see a doctor for refill goes beyond what you expected. Extending your prescriptions is a service that your pharmacy could very well provide, so you don’t miss a dose! Your Pharmacist will use the information gathered during their assessment to determine the medication quantity that would best suit your needs and will inform your regular doctor of any prescriptions that renewed for you, as required. However, regular checkups with your doctor are still required to monitor your condition and to obtain additional prescriptions.

As you can see, there are so many services offered by Canadian pharmacists, many of which you might not even be aware. Make it your mission to get acquainted this month, and take advantage of the convenience and complete services available to you – and love your pharmacist!



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  1. I love shoppers drug mart and go there anytike i need medicine. The pharmacists are always friendly and knowledgeable.
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  2. Shopper’s drugmart is the one store I get what I need close to home. Food, gifts and all my pharmacy needs and able to get the answers I need about over the counter meds or prescriptions.

  3. I love Shoppers Drug Mart mostly for my medications but also for many other items.The pharmacist is a person I trust for a wealth of valuable information that I depend on for my best health.He tells me about my medications and how and when to take them. I would be lost without this consultation and great advice.Thanks for the fantastic contest and chance to win.

  4. We use Shoppers as our go to pharmacy for everything. My son is diabetic so we are there a lot.???? Thank you for the info about the travel vaccines, we have always been told to go to the Travel Center and pay a whole bunch more.

  5. We have been dealing with Shoppers and Shoppers Home Health Care for nearly thirty years and now we have one close by . Pleasant staff and helpful. Thank you

  6. I don’t have to wait an hour or more for my meds , if they don’t have what I need they order it very friendly , got flu shot they rock

  7. thank you Tammy for the chance..this would come in so handy..meds are so expensive and this would help out so much 🙂

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  10. I would love to win this prize from Shoppers Drug Mart I shop there every other day????????????????????

  11. I went to the pharmacy at Shoppers and they were having a special day on summer sun awareness and they had a camera to take a pic of your face you show skin damage and the pharmacist seen odd spots that I should get checked and she was right…I had skin cancer that started and taken care of..if it wouldn’t have been for her seeing that… Now I take extra precaution thanks to my Pharmacist.. She saved me big time. I went back to thank her and showed her she was right.. Dermatologist was very impressed she found it yeaaaa ???????????? ty

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