5 Ways to Save on Back to School Clothes

Here’s the statement of the month – Back to school clothes can be extremely expensive. In fact? They are often one of the single biggest costs of the year for a lot of families and their kids. I do believe I spend more money in August than I do the entire Christmas season. 

Another fact though? They don’t have to be. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can save big on school clothes. 

5 Ways to Save on Back to School Clothes


Take a look at these 5 Ways to Save on Back to School Clothes and then let me know what you think!

  1. Skip the Shopping Trip – All kids want new clothes for school, but the reality is that they don’t need them {usually}. Unless your child has recently had a huge growth spurt, feel free to skip the back to school shopping spree. Instead, go through the clothes they have and treat for any stains, mend any rips and then buy them 1 or 2 new outfits or a few basic pieces to turn the outfits they already have, into new ones! They’ll have new things to wear for the first days, and you’ll save a boat load of cash.
  2. Hand Me Down – Along the lines of tip #1, hand me downs work great for back to school “shopping.” They’re new to your kids and their classmates and if they’re in great condition, no one will know. Before you ask your kids to wear hand me downs though, be sure that the clothing is in excellent condition and fits them very well. Since I have an older daughter, much of what my twins wear, were once hers. 
  3. Thrift Stores – Thrift stores are another excellent option for parents looking to save while buying back to school clothes. Scope out the best stores in your area and hit them up to see what you can find. Don’t forget to look for consignment shops too since you can usually find great deals there as well.
  4. Shop Online – If you must buy new clothes for your kids, try not to do it in store. Shopping in the store for an event like back to school usually leads to impulse buying and more spending. To keep that from happening, check out the sales online. Most retailers will run significant back to school sales and deals. Don’t forget to check online consignment sites as well since those can be a useful outlet for new with tags clothing at great prices.
  5. Wait it Out – Usually back to school clothing goes on sale the week that school starts, if not sooner. Wait for that shopping trip until you see these sales, and save big time. I did this last year and hit a 70% off sale plus got off-season items on clearance, which my girls wore this summer. 

Have any other idea for ways to save on back to school clothes? 



  1. These are all good tips. As well avoid the pricey designer brands unless they’re hand me downs or at the thrift shop.

  2. I used to LOVE back to school shopping when I was a kid. My mom let me choose ONE outfit and it felt like I had won the lottery!!!!!!

  3. I am all about skipping stores! My son is growing like a weed. We bought new sneakers which he grew out of in 2 months. I look forward to my nephews hand me downs 🙂 The hard thing is that as boys get older, they tend to get a little harder on their clothes!

  4. I shop online and shop early so that I can hit the deals when they pop up. We have a school uniform of white shirts and navy pants and the white shirts never make it to the next year!

  5. You’re so right about thrift stores because I’ve found clothes that still have the tags on them.

  6. I’ve found the best clothes shopping at a thrift store but I usually look for major sales for back to school. I also count on the spc discount card that’s great for many stores.

  7. I agree second hand is the way to go for a lot of kids clothes. They grow so fast that a lot of the clothes will only be slightly used and still is good shape in most cases.

  8. I take advantage of on-line sales, and email sign ups for first purchases…..saves a substantial amount and I find selection is a little better too!

  9. Within my back-to-school budget I allow a portion for new clothes/shoes, and another portion for thrift store buys. For $60 at a retail store my daughter was able to buy 4 items. At the thrift store for $60 she was able to buy 11 items!! That is a huge difference & she is just as happy with her new stuff as she is with the consignment ones.

  10. With five children, school clothes was always a topic. Fortunately, I knew how to sew. I bought a new Singer Sewing machine which paid for itself many times over. I used hand-me-downs, making sure they were nearly as good as new and clean. One of the best shopping trips I ever made was to a factory store in Ottawa, where I bought clothing for our grandchildren(who were very young then.) I had never bought so many nice clothes at such a bargain price.

  11. these are really great tips! I also find back to school season too costly what with all the extra supplies and clothes we need to buy. I need all the help I can get. I’m really lucky that my kids aren’t too picky with what they wear but as I can’t help it. Somehow, I always end up buying new things for them. I guess the first I need is self control! Nevertheless, I really found this article helpful. I’ll start looking for online deals more often now!

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