5 Summer Chores Kids Can Do to Earn Money

For many summer vacation is almost half-way over {already?!}, and despite the seasonal fun – boredom sets in. If that is the case with your children, why not give them the chance to earn a few extra dollars this summer? There are quite a few different ways that kids can earn money all year round, but it’s especially true during the summer months since they aren’t on a restricted schedule.

Take a look at these 5 summer chores kids can do to earn money and put your kids to work! They’ll love having their own spending money, and you’ll love not forking it over as much.

5 Summer Chores Kids Can Do to Earn Money


Extra Lawn care – While your kids should be helping with regular mowing {if they’re old enough}, anything extra should be paid. Things like weeding flowerbeds, weed eating and so on are not part of the norm. Pay them either by the task or per hour and I guarantee you they won’t complain nearly as much about helping. Even little kids can earn from this one by helping to weed the garden or water plants.

Babysit – For older tweens and teens, baby-sitting during the summer is a great way for them to make extra money. They can help you baby-sit younger kids while you’re working or otherwise away from the house {we need a break too!}. You can choose to pay them per day or per hour, but they will complain much less about having to babysit if you offer them a bit of compensation for it.

Sell at a Farmers Market – If you have some extra space in your yard, have your teen or tween grow a summer garden then sell the excess at your local Farmer’s Market. Not only will they be helping to grow food for your home, but they’ll have the reward of earning their own money with the “fruits” of their labor. Check with your areas guidelines on their options – I’ve seen so many kids play instruments and sing at the market – it gives them a chance to be creative and expand on their talents, and earn money too.

Maintain the pool – Pool maintenance can be a pain in the…you know where, so why not let your teen earn some extra cash doing it for you? Pay them per task, meaning each time they clean or treat the pool they will earn X amount of money and turn it over to them. We don’t have a pool, but I know this is one task I’d delegate to chores or a job for my kids if I did.

Mother’s Assistant – Have you ever been standing at the stove making dinner, trying to fold laundry, wrangling kids and trying to figure out how to get to the grocery store all at the same time? If so, you might need a mother’s assistant. This “chore” (which is really just a group of chores) is suited best for older teens who can drive. Have them run errands for you and complete other tasks that you might not be able to do yourself.

Some of these aren’t the most common ways to earn, but that is what makes them great! Since these may not be the usual chores, kids will be less likely to complain, more likely to do the job correctly and – Less likely to ask you for spending money!

Have any other ideas for summer jobs for kids?



  1. Those are neat ideas,i write a few things i need done with a pay on my fridge anyone is free to complete the job and get paid !

  2. These are all great ideas and it’s good for the kids to help out and do chores, makes them a better person and then they understand what mom and dad do everyday as well

  3. Great ideas! The kids are always looking for extra money during the summer. We pay our 12 year old to mow the lawn and a few neighbours saw him doing it and have hired him to do theirs too. He’s loving the cash!

  4. There are some great ideas here, I think it is so good for them to actually earn their own money!

  5. These are all great ideas, there always something to do around the house, especially in summer time. They can even take care of the garden. Weed it and water it.

  6. Older children can pick berries and get well paid for this. Growers are usually looking for help and this pays very well. With different berries ripening at different times, younger and older teens can do well for themselves.(Costs include bug spray and a really good sun screen plus a wide brimmed hat.)

  7. I love getting my son involved in the vegetable garden – it’s rewarding and fun for him to see the veggies grow and then eat vegetables he grew himself!!!!

  8. I used to give my kids a cloth and a spray bottle with vinegar to wipe down areas that are prone to harbouring germs, hand railings, light switches… It’s a job I didn’t always get around to and one the kids could do easily.

  9. These are great ideas. We would let them choose chores they enjoyed doing and that often worked well.

  10. Great ideas. One that I have found to be rewarding – is each summer – we downsize games/toys/movies and have our annual garage sale. It teaches our 13 year old son the value of a dollar – and having to work for it. Money is split 3 ways and for the hard work – can spent it accordingly.

  11. My kiddo is pretty helpful when it comes to chores. Her current favorite is tending to the gardens and weeding!

  12. Doing a few chores is such a good teachable moment. I always ask my kids to water the garden with me, and it also gives us a good chance to connect near the end of the evening! Great choices!

  13. All great ideas! I remember all the hours I spent babysitting when I was younger, really enjoyed it!

  14. Such great ideas, I just love to get the kids involved in gardening as they love to watch the plants grow

  15. Great ideas here! My daughter advertised in a local neighbourhood group that she was available for dog walking and watering gardens when owners were away and she did quite well!

  16. this is always good for kids to do chores and learn new things and at the same time to learn the value of money. Sense of satisfaction when you have earned your own money. My kid always had his own chores to do around the house and it also helped out mum at the same time to save time doing those little chores myself. 🙂

  17. These are excellent ideas, and any child over 10 can easily accomplish them..I was doing all of these 50 years ago so know their efficacy. Thank you, it is so refreshing to be able to show that my suggestions are shred

  18. I wouldn’t have dreamt of letting any of my kids weed my flowerbeds – they wouldn’t know which were weeds and which were plants. LOL. Mine did a lot of babysitting for various neighbours and earnt very well doing it too.

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