5 Steps to Healthy Legs for Summer

Spring is here, the weather is warming up, and the winter layers are coming off. Since 80% of women say the appearance of their legs is important, there’s much focus right now on combating dry skin so we can be ready for skirts and shorts season.

Yet leg health is much more than simply shaving and applying lotion – for many this time of year comes with pain, heaviness, and/or swelling in the legs after a long day on the feet. And while skin health is important, there needs to be more emphasis on leg health too.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency {or CVI} occurs when blood flow in the lower legs is impaired, meaning it pools in the lower limbs. It’s symptoms include pain, swelling, leg heaviness, leg tiredness and varicose veins. 

If you aren’t familiar with this condition, you aren’t alone. According to new research, less than 1 in 5 Canadian women are aware of CVI, yet three-quarters of them have experienced at least one of these CVI symptoms.

I was one of those that wasn’t familiar with CVI either, yet I know that a couple of my good friends have voiced concerns over these very same symptoms before. In fact, reading up on this condition now, I think my own Mom suffered from CVI! 

Considering these statistics, and because CVI symptoms worsen in warm weather, it’s time more people became aware of CVI and learn about what they can do to improve their leg health. After all, the summer months aren’t truly enjoyed if in pain, even with the most lotioned of skin! 

5 Steps to healthy Legs for Summer


5 Steps to Healthy Legs for Summer


  1. Exercise! – We know that exercise is good for the body as a whole, but don’t forget to pay close attention to your legs. Research shows more than 60 per cent of women spend more than four hours a day on sedentary activities, like watching TV and sitting at a desk. Simple ways to get moving include getting up often {ideally every hour}, finding small ways to get up and do things rather than sit down to complete tasks, and scheduling exercise into the day even if it’s a power walk over your lunch break. Simple stretches or leg exercises like squats, calf raises or march on the spot will help to increase the strength of your leg muscles.
  1. Good Nutrition for Good Circulation – Pumping blood to your legs requires a strong heart and an efficient circulatory system. A balanced diet that includes plenty of fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables can help maintain good leg vein circulation and keep your heart healthy. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!
  1. Watch your back and “leg posture” – Did you know that your posture can affect how your legs feel? Make sure you keep your shoulders back, chest up and stomach pulled in. Knowing that it can be difficult to keep a perfect posture, set different reminders to help you out throughout the day. Also, mind your “leg posture” by making a conscious effort not to cross your legs, or at least not for a long period of time, as crossing your legs can restrict blood flow to and from the legs.
  1. Love your legs! – While Canadian women are investing in their hair and skin, they are not showing their legs the same amount of care. In the shower show your legs some love — get your general circulation and the flexibility in your legs going with a mix of hot and cold bursts of water. Also, stimulate circulation by gently massaging your legs with your hands or a natural bristle brush. Use this bath time to relax and relieve tension after a busy day.
  1. Give your legs a boost with Antistax™ – Approved by Health Canada, Antistax™ is an herbal medicine that contains Red Vine Leaf Extract, which has been shown to:  improve lower leg blood flow; reduce lower leg swelling and relieve the feeling of pain, heaviness and tiredness in the legs. Antistax™ is an over-the-counter herbal medicine which is available in the supplement section of your local pharmacy. Show your legs the love they deserve with Antistax™ Follow the label, or speak with your doctor to ensure Antistax™ is your solution to a more comfortable and healthy summer.

Antistaxfor CVI relief leg health


Do you or someone you know show symptoms of CVI? Share your story in the comments! 


To help spread the word on CVI, and to improve the leg health of many for this upcoming summer – check out and share the infographic below. 

Infographic leg health


Disclosure: This is a compensated post, yet as always, all opinions are my own.




  1. I definitely need to get my legs beach ready, and this might help me a lot! Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I don’t have this issue with my legs myself, but I do know people that do. I try hard to keep myself in shape and my legs are a big part of that.

  3. Ugh! Varicose veins suck! Mine are from 12 hour shifts at the hospital for many years.

  4. Wow! I never thought about back posture and the correlations with my legs! This was really informative, and I’m totally focusing on that now! Thanks!

  5. I don’t have to deal with this, but I do have really pale skin and ‘chicken bumps’ (not goose bumps from being cold, just bumps that are always there) and they are annoying. I can relate to those who don’t like to expose their legs.

  6. I JUST started getting spider veins. Totally going to check this out! Super helpful post!

  7. Being at a computer most of the day increases our risks too! This is why I try to get up quite often and walk around.

  8. All of these are good tips. I don’t have issues and didn’t know about this medication but it is good to know, thank you for sharing!!

  9. Vericose veins have haunted me for many years. Thank You for the tips & advice.

  10. I wish my legs looked better! I have such pain skin too, so it’s hard to get a tan too. I’m working on exercising more. I need to work more on my legs to get them in better shape.

  11. I’m excited to try Anistax! I’ve been battling varicose and spider veins for years now but the treatment is so pricy. This looks so much more affordable!

  12. My legs have been getting more toned since i started swimming. It is great exercise for the whole body.

  13. I’m lucky this isn’t an issue yet, but thank you for the resource. i know many women that do and I may in the future.

  14. Oh my goodness, I have to let my Sister-in-law know about this. We were just talking about how her legs are super-heavy and hurt each night. I wonder if this would help her. Thanks so much for the info

  15. this post was right on time. i have been trying to pay more attention to my legs especially as i get older.

  16. I have got to stop crossing my legs so frequently. I suffer from restless legs and I know that’s not helping anything!

  17. I have never heard of CVI before. Now that I know about it, I am definitely going to be taking better care of my legs!

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