5 Outdoor Tasks to Get Winter-Ready

As much as I can resist, the Stark motto is true – winter is coming. The days are getting remarkably shorter and baby, it’s getting cold outside! Now is the time to soak in the pre-winter season and get outside to tackle some much needed yard work for the transition to a new season.

Yet recent Canadian research revealed that 56% of Canadians feel they don’t get enough outdoor time and that children and teens are glued to their screens, estimating that they spend three times more screen-time than outdoor-time.

Nature Valley believes there is amazing joy in nature and that nothing else has the ability to calm, energize and uplift us the way nature does, so they have out to address our nature-deficit with their #NatureMoments campaign to urge everyone to get out there and rediscover the joy of nature.

fall yard care

So, my suggestion when getting your outdoor space ready for winter – is to send out the troops {the whole family}, to get the job done. Not only is it an opportunity to spend quality time together, but it’s a chance for everyone to breathe in some fresh air, get in some activity and experience #NatureMoments.

5 common outdoor tasks to get winter-ready

Prepping the lawn

Before the snow lands and stays there, another mow might be in order. This is also a time to rake those fall leaves which have fallen. Trust me, doing this now will be better than trying to rake them after winter when they’re all soggy and mouldy. Better yet, if you can mulch – do it!

Weed control

Your annual summer flowers have faded, so it’s time to remove them from your beds. Don’t forget some TLC to your perennials so they can shine first thing spring hits.

Pack away outdoor summer toys

It’s always sad to store away the summer toys, yet it might mean not having to replace damaged ones when spring comes again. While it might be too cold to fill the pool or shoot the water guns, take the opportunity to have one last toss of the beach ball before storage.

Clean and store summer tools

All the gardening and yard tools should be properly and safely stored for winter, and while you’re at it – place them in the back of the shed and bring the shovels front and centre. Rotating the ones you’ll need with the season will save you time when looking for them later.

Take in water hoses

I always store my water hoses in my garage over the winter, just in case collected water damages the hose. While I can do this myself, it’s always nice to enlist the help from the kids for this one.


Usually our outdoor tasks to get winter-ready take much longer than expected – because the kids and I end up playing around so much while out there!

Don’t worry guys, embracing nature in the disguise of necessary tasks is a good thing. Unexpected fun times outdoors is so healthy and beneficial, which is why I suggested enlisting the troops to help.

In return, you’ll all make memories which will last a lifetime. Looking back, most of my memories are times spent outdoors, and I want my kids to look back one day and have the same.

So, are you ready for winter? What other outdoor chores do you need to complete, to be winter-ready?



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always all opinions are my own.


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