3 Tips for Beautiful Summer Legs

Bye bulk, summer is here! Bring on the shorts, skirts, bathing suits and capris!

Does that last statement make you cringe, even just a little? I know the feeling. Every year at this time I have a love/hate relationship with summer wear and showing off the legs. It’s not my best feature, but I’ve found some acceptance and make it my mission to find clothing that flatters and products that make my legs healthier and summer-ready.

As a #SchickAmbassador, I have some great tips, if you need help in kick-starting your summer-loving legs. Here are some ideas for nice legs – along with 3 great easy-to-use products so you’ll #LoveYourLegs and have them dancing their way through summer!

3 tips for Beautiful Summer Legs


3 Tips for Beautiful Summer Legs



As the saying goes, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Choose your cut which accentuates the most flattering part of your legs. As always, dark colours or prints have a slimming effect. Pair with a colourful or floral top which draws the eye, and you have a winner of a combination. Do a search on your body type with the latest trends and selections, but remember to always choose based on what’s comfortable to you. Even the most flattering of outfit won’t do its job if you don’t feel ease in wearing it.


Choosing a shoe with some sort of heel elongates the legs, just like a nude-coloured shoe will do. Some situations make choosing this type of shoe difficult {no heels at the beach, just don’t}, yet for casual wear, a shoe with a comfortable heel will go a long way!


One of the most important things we can do to get those legs summer-ready is to keep up on shaving and to moisturize. If you are busy and time-crunched {for what seems like all the time}, make sure to choose a beauty routine that is not only simple but time-effective as well. For this, I have three great product recommendations for success {all available for purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores in Canada}, and they are intended for the 3 important steps in providing that TLC to the legs: cleanse, shave and moisturize.


  • Cleanse

NEW AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Vanilla & Oats Yogurt Body Wash is formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Oatmeal and nutrient-rich yogurt, this unique formula helps revitalize your dry skin and leaves it feeling moisturized for an enriching experience that is good for your skin and your senses.

TIP: Before applying shave prep, cleanse skin using a moisture-rich body wash and buff away dead skin particles with a loofa to help prevent ingrown hairs.


  • Shave

Simplify your routine with the Schick® Intuition® razor – it has the shave cream right on the razor so you can lather and shave in one easy step! I’m really loving the new Schick® Intuition® Island Berry razor, since the scent is so perfect. It’s formulated with Açai Berry extract for a luscious fragrant shaving experience. The razor’s pivoting head and four blades are surrounded by a Skin Conditioning Solid to moisturize skin during shaving leaving skin smooth. I also love that you can purchase just the refills when needed, and use the same razor – this makes planning to shave so simple because you don’t need to pick up shave cream. I can shave in minutes using this razor, and it’s ideal for home or on your summer travelling adventures.

TIP: Make sure you’re in a warm shower or bath to soften hair prior to shaving.


  • Moisturize

Applying a hydrating lotion for beautiful, healthy looking skin is key to summer-ready legs! AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Sheer Hydration Lotion goes on feather light and hydrates for 24 hours, giving you velvety soft skin all day long. It’s not runny nor too thick or greasy, just that perfect lotion which leaves your skin feeling great, and for a long time too!

TIP: Your skin is most sensitive immediately after shaving. If you have time, let the skin rest at least 30 minutes before applying body lotion.


Are your legs ready for summer? What are some other tips that work for you?



Disclosure: : This is a sponsored post for Schick® andAVEENO®, as always all opinions are my own.


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