20 Minion Crafts and Recipes

The next installment of Minion chaos is coming soon to theatres and you can get the kids ready for it all with all these amazing Minion Crafts and Minion Recipes.

If you have a little kid (or even a big one) that wants a Minion themed birthday party you won’t have to break the bank with all these ideas to choose from.

20 Minion Craft and Recipes

My twins wanted a Minions Birthday a few years ago and I loved all the party crafts and recipe ideas out there, in minion theme. I made their Minion cake not only was I impressed at how it looked, but it was so delicious!

Minion Birthday Cake

Here are 20 Minion Crafts and Recipes ideas for your little minion fan!

1. Minions Corner Bookmarks – This super easy craft only takes five different supplies and helps kids with learning something cool like origami and let’s be honest…making reading more interesting to them right?
2. Minions Pretzel Bark – These are creative snacks for the whole family, and a great way to get the kids celebrating their favourite Minions characters!
3. Plastic Bottle Minion Craft – Upcycle those old plastic 2 litre bottles into their favourite minions, and they can even store items in there when it’s all done! (Change, LEGO pieces, and more)
4. Banna Berry Minions Muddy Buddies – This snack is a great one for road trips, throw into bags and go. You can always adjust these ingredients to fit your family and their dietary needs.
5. Minions Banana Playdough Recipe for Kids – This twist on a child favourite is GENIUS! Who doesn’t love banana scented anything, right? You might have to fight the kids for this one when it’s done.
6. Easy Peasy Minions Pretzels – It only takes five ingredients and ten minutes to complete this snack the kids are sure to love (and it can even be changed up to use for Halloween too)
7. Minion Bubble Party Favor DIY – Themed parties really don’t have to cost you a ton when you can make simple party favours like these and decorate with them too! Two birds, one stone!
8. DIY Felt Minion Pillow Craft (No Sew) – This is a great craft for those that feel they may be bad at crafts because this one you basically can’t mess up. You can upcycle some of the needed items from stuff you may already have around the house.
9. Minions Cake Mix Cookies – Cookies and minions, need we say more? Cake Mix Cookies are some of the best homemade ones (but we may be bias) and are super easy to make. This is a recipe the kids can help with too and make it a “Create Your Own Minion” cookie making bar.
10. Crochet Minions Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern – You may already have all these yarn colours sitting around the house or in the craft storage. Coffee Cup Cozies are a great gift idea for the teen or college student in your life!
11. Minion Rice Krispies Treats – Another great themed party snack that won’t cost you a ton to make and you can make them at home and skip the deli prices. (Plus rice krispies are also gluten free!)
12. DIY Minions Canvas Painting  – Let’s face it, themed room decor is another parental wallet killer, but when you can watch step by step how to make wall decor it makes it so much easier and the result looks awesome!
13. DIY Minion Costume for Adults – You’ll be your childs new hero when you dress up as their favourite Minion characters with this super easy DIY. There’s no cutting, sewing or crafting really needed at all for this costume idea!
14. DIY Minion Gift Wrap Idea – Where has this been all our Minion loving life? This can be used all year long for birthdays and holidays. (You can put some Christmas colours for the blue overalls instead)
15. Minion Cake – You don’t have to be a pro cake decorator to make something super cool and make your kids day! Super simple cake recipe and you can adjust for dietary needs.
16. DIY Minion Shoes – Make the kids or yourself something that’s one of a kind at home! You can also make the famous purple “evil” minions and make two different shoes!
17. Minion Strawberries – This one may not be for the strawberry dipping novices but if you try it out the whole family may get in on this dessert with their favourite Minions! (You can adjust ingredients and make purple minion strawberries too!)
18. Minion Cake Pop Recipe – You might think Cake Pops are for the more seasoned baker but this super recipe is a great with easy to follow recipe and decorating tips!
19. DIY Baby Food Jar Despicable Me Minion Party Favors – For those with tons of baby food jars and no idea what to use them for, this is your new go-to. These can be re-used to put small toys in for older kids (depending on the sizes) or you can just use them as decor for the next birthday party. You can likely add something on the outside and be able to hang them too!
20. Despicable Me Minion Themed Pop – If you’re looking for a new way to get the kids to eat something healthy and fun, these are great. Four ingredients, some freezer time and you’ve got minion pops in no time!

Have any other great Minion craft and recipe ideas?


  1. So many cute ideas! My girls are all about the Minions all over again & we will definitely try some of these, thanks!

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