The 12 Stinks of Christmas

‘The holidays’ is such a broad term don’t you agree? It’s like a snow globe where it may seem so jolly, cozy and simple from the outside – yet there’s much chaos going on when you look closer at the fine details surrounding everything.

The broad look surrounding the holidays could entail decorating, parties and events. Yet in reality it’s the everyday expected schedule with it’s appointments, meetings and responsibilities – then added on top of it is the holiday-specific to-do’s, chores and tasks.

Looking deeper still and you have a lot of cooking and baking, planning, company, time management, shopping and more company … the list goes on.

After all, even decorating the tree doesn’t look anything like a greeting card. First you have to dig out boxes out of storage, causing a dust-storm which has been settling for the past year {musty smell}. Then you might get the tree up and everything in place, but in the timely chore forgot about dinner in the oven {burning smell}. then there’s the dog, running around like mad all eager-like to explore/eat the new pretty decorations taking up ‘his space’ {dog smell possibly followed by vomit smell depending on what he sneaks past security}. Finally, you might discover a missing kids sock from last year that somehow got thrown into the decorations pile {dirty clothes smell}.

While these specific tree-decorating events might not happen, chances are something related will. Along with it is some great holiday scents, but of course, unpleasant ones too.

Febreze has released a hilarious video featuring the stinks associated with the holidays, brought to you by Instagram sensation Doug the Pug and rapper Doug E. Fresh. From musty stockings to a celebrity pug in sweaters, get ready for a whole new round of stinks.

It’s such a cute and funny video, I love the perfect Brady-Bunch-Squares style – yet again the reality as you look closer isn’t so perfect after all. It sure makes you think {and get paranoid} about all the stinks that will come about very soon – perhaps already all around you!

The solution and message behind the “12 Stinks” video, is to have Febreze on hand. It’s a lighthearted take on all the ways the holidays can literally stink, and how to eliminate and neutralize those unwanted holiday odours and replace them with a scent which you’ll want to invite guests into.

Well, that and get a hip-hop version of “12 Days of Christmas” earworm for the day. You’re welcome.

Check out Febreze on Facebook, on Twitter, and the #12Stinks hashtag.

What are some other holiday stinks?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post yet as always, all opinions are my own.




  1. Now I like that video! It’s funny and it does give a great reminder that we do need to make the house refreshing for families that are coming into town. Are use Febreeze all the time!

  2. I have to be honest. The biggest stinks of Christmas always come from my husband and son after we eat. So. Stinky.

  3. I love Febrezing the house. It’s perfect when guests say they are coming and you want a fresh clean home. Plus, we have a dog and he always seems to smell no matter what!

  4. My son came running when I played this video. I handed him some Fabreze and told him to get to work cleaning the house! LOL

  5. I love that video and all the reminders that we need to make the house smell fresh for guests!!

  6. So funny. I think the stinkiest thing in this house is what comes out of my cat Stinky. heh

  7. Now that it is winter, I hate making fish indoors. Febreze would come in handy to help eliminate those odors.

  8. Febreze is a great way to keep the house smelling fresh. I find the increase of cooking during the holidays makes the house smell like onions and garlic.

  9. The holidays can be a stinky time. Winter brings wet boot which can be smelly as well. Febreze helps get the stink out.

  10. Febreze is literally our go to all year long but especially when we have lots of our relatives over for the holidays! With all the babies we have in our family there will be plenty of stinky diapers and febreze helps to keep those stinks at bay!

  11. I love using Febreze around the house. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any other holiday stinks. Oh, here’s one. A stinky washroom from having so many guests using it.

  12. What a fun way to turn a classic into an advertising piece, so clever! I loved this video and the idea of eliminating odors!

  13. Yes! So many stinks. The food that gets thrown in the trash, the babies diapers, the pets, the uncle with his cigar, the burnt pies, lol. I love Febreze.

  14. haha. i loveee the video. febreze is an awesome product. we make sure we keep it here.

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