Eau Flirt perfume by Harvey Prince

After I reviewed Ageless Fantasy perfume on My Organized Chaos, a new perfume by Harvey Prince hit the market – Eau Flirt. It is a potion made of real flowers and herbs which comes from Italy, France and the USA.

Like the ageless perfume, concocted to make the wearer smell years younger – Eau Flirt is mixed with purpose as well. The concept was studied by doctors Alan Hirsh and Jason Gruss who investigated the impact of 30 different scents or
scent mixtures on male sexual arousal. The researchers discovered that a combination of lavender and
pumpkin pie stirred up the most passion.

To me, Eau Flirt mostly smells sweet and floral yet I notice a hint of spice, wood and musk. Which seems correct as the perfume is infused with black currant, plum, raspberry, apple, and black licorice and lavender. There is also some jasmine, ylang, nutmeg and cinnamon {classic aromas of pumpkin pie}. Reading that you’d think it was a recipe, and the verse, ‘a way to a man’s hear is through his stomach’ comes to mind. I wear Eau Flirt because I like the scent, it’s light and subtle and not overbearing and strong. I’m not sure if I smell irresistible, but I think it’s rather delicious!

Eau Flirt perfume is not tested on animals and it does not contain artificial colours. Eau Flirt is a nice choice for the woman you adore. Or as a treat for yourself. It is available in an Eau de toilette spray {3.4 oz. $98USD, 1.7 oz $66USD, and 1 oz for $36USD. There is also Mini roll-ons as well. You can purchase Eau Flirt at www.harveyprince.com or in high-end perfumeries nationwide. I seen them sold at The Bay here in Canada. ♥

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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